Used Book Sale

Why buy or sell used books from De la Salle's Used Book Sale?

  • Participating as a seller or a buyer saves you money and supports the school. Selling or buying at the Used Book Sale will offer better pricing for you than traditional resellers. The prices for used books are determined by their condition. We typically have many books in excellent condition.
  • As a seller, when your book(s) is sold you receive ⅔ of the selling price. For administering the consignment sale, ⅓ of the price is kept by the school as fundraising. For books sold, sellers receive money following the return period in September and will have proceeds early October. If some of your books do not sell and you would like them back, that can be arranged in the fall. 

The sale is 100% Volunteer run.  If you have any additional questions about the Book Sale, please email:

*Volunteers:  We are in need of a few Parent and or Student Volunteers. Certain conditions of hours and availability must be met.


2021-22 Book List 


WHEN:  July 5 to July 16.  Hours 9 a.m to 1 p.m.

WHERE: On Campus, visit the Main Office and you will receive your Used Book Order.



Books Available to BUY: Remaining Inventory

If you would like to BUY a copy of a USED book, please complete the Book Order Request Form.  Only titles available will show on this form.

CLICK HERE TO Submit online order form


First come, First served. You will receive an invoice and payment/pickup instructions.