Katarina Poletto DEL '12

We all enjoy a good news story. This is better- a great news story- of overcoming adversity, of persistence, of creativity, of goodness. Katarina Poletto (DEL '12) entered Life Sciences at McMaster after her Del graduation. Sadly, she began to develop illness involving food allergies. Seeking solutions, she searched through medical thickets that medicine was just beginning to explore which presented challenges to getting the help she needed. With no solution at hand she fell back on her own resources using her education and the fertility of her mind to save herself and others similarly plagued. She began a long series of trial and error including holistic health care practices, yoga, strategic diets and experiments. Since fortune favours the prepared mind, a "creative spark" led her to combine her recent experiences with a long tradition of family baking to produce gluten free and vegan healthy foods. This touched a need, working so well that a small business flourished locally- Dolled Up Desserts- with expansions plans for production and hiring in southern Ontario and the U.S. to supply more retailers.

She credits what she called her "top-notch" education at DEL, a "fantastic experience," and a very memorable moral component that persists. Her work makes life easier for many others in dire straits. DEL's values polished her innate moral fibre to prove that "good works" are always possible, and profitable, even in baking.

Stay Tuned.