Health Corner: What Does Christmas Mean to You?

What does the Christmas Season mean these days? The Holy Day represents the birth of Jesus marking a continuation of our adoration, never ending love, and opportunity to follow in Jesus' footsteps as loyal and devoted Christians in honour of Him and His Father. For others, the season is a time to give back to family, friends, parish and community. Unfortunately, commercialism has turned Christmas into somewhat of a circus. Please remember that it is not how much money you spend, but how much love and sharing you spread around. Christmas brings a feeling of renewal for me as I reflect on the year.

Christmas is a time of year when we are offered an opportunity to feel peace, give of ourselves, and enjoy the people around us. The atmosphere of Christmas brings to us beauty, a celebration of nature, a renewed connection to God through the birth of His only Son, and the feeling that all is well in our world. These feelings of serenity are increased by our prayer at mass in celebration of the birth of Christ. I can remember in my childhood going to midnight mass and feeling the true meaning of Christmas because of candles lighting up our church and creating an ethereal atmosphere, an elaborate nativity scene, and the positive energy of parishioners dressed in their best Sunday clothes. Christmas Mass felt magical!

As we celebrate the holidays this year, please keep in mind that not all individuals will be feeling the good feelings of the season but will continue to struggle with poverty, addiction, mental health issues, loneliness, war, homelessness, hunger, illness, or other tragedies. We need to support those who need assistance all year-round, not only during the holiday season.

Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the season, because you have worked hard all year long and deserve a time to relax, reflect and indulge! May your new year include everything you have wished for and more! I look forward to a new semester at Del! Please be safe during the holidays and I will see you in 2018!