Emma Melis is the Youngest to Win the Hometown Heroes Award

De La Salle College would like to acknowledge Emma Melis for winning the 2017 Earth Day Canada National Hometown Heroes Youth Award! Participants across Canada are nominated based on their outstanding environmental leadership, commitment and achievements in their schools and/or local communities as well as their efforts to engage, educate and empower other students and/or community members to support a healthier environment.

For those who know Emma, this doesn't come as a shock as she is the number one Environmental Advocate at De La Salle. Emma is the founder of Del's EcoTeam where she leads a group of students in raising awareness about the conservation of our planet. Whether it's a fundraiser to adopt an endangered animal with the World Wildlife Federation (this year we raised enough to adopt a Snow Leopard), or creating and selling reusable water bottles, Emma and the EcoTeam are constantly advocating for environmentally-friendly commuting, reducing waste and other small tasks that help our Earth.

In addition to these small but impactful initiatives, Emma is passionate about protecting and conserving the dwindling population of pollinators. She continues to form her arguments for the Debate Society on this topic at Del, and outside of the school she's running workshops and Pollinator Planting Events at Toronto's Evergreen Brickworks.

It's no surprise that Emma is the youngest-ever recipient of this award, topping post-secondary students across the country, including one who is currently attending Harvard. Not only will Emma be publicly recognized at the Earth Day Canada award ceremony in June, but has also received a scholarship to put towards their studies.

Emma, congratulations on behalf of the Del Community for your continued activism and for winning this incredible recognition.

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