De La Salle College Prize Night 2017

On September 15th, 2017, De La Salle College celebrated the students that have demonstrated excellent commitment to academics, and to community service and leadership opportunities during the 2016-17 school year.

We would like to congratulate ALL students who received awards during the evening for their hard work and persistence last year. As well, a thank you to their parents who have provided the necessary support and guidance at home. Congratulations to all of you!

The awards that were given out are as follows:

  • Subject Awards: These awards are granted to students who received the top mark in their grade for each subject area last year.
  • Lasallian Animator's Award: This award is presented to a senior student of the College who, having worked closely with the faculty animator, exemplifies the Lasallian qualities of call and service. He or she exemplifies behaviour that represents Lasallian charism, and serves as a Lasallian ambassador to the student community.
  • Brother Gabriel Ray Award, Maria Martino Mencarelli Award, Domenico Martino Award, Josephine Martino Award: These awards were introduced nine years ago by Dr. Rocco Martino, an alumnus of the College, acknowledging excellence in the Senior School Science programme.
  • Grade Awards: These awards are given to a student who has achieved the highest final average in their grade.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards: The Duke of Ed program encourages and motivates all youth to voluntarily become involved in a variety of personal development activities including community service, adventurous journey, new skills, and physical recreation. The focus is on gaining exposure to new experiences such as social responsibility and adventure training. There are three levels; Gold, silver and bronze.
  • Awards of Merit:These awards are given to only one student in each grade, and recognize academic excellence, exemplary conduct and outstanding community involvement.
    • The grade eleven Award of Merit is given in memory of a former student of the College, Jeremy Schillaci who passed away suddenly in 2010. His family generously donated a scholarship prize of $1000 to be awarded annually to the recipient of the grade 11 award of merit.

For a list of the 2017 Prize Night winners, click here.

A final congratulations to all the students for their dedication and hard work, and a special thank you to parents for their continued support and attendance this evening.