C. Noel Kennard

C. Noël Kennard, AIA, LEED AP BD+C DEL '75

A peculiar event happened on September 20, 2017. A Del grad that visits Toronto from his home in Pittsburgh - his mother lives nearby - was passing the school as he often does. He was tempted to drop in many times, to revisit his youth here. He never did. On this day it happened to pop into his head to pop into the school. He happened to ask for me. I happened to be here. We met at the Heritage House 42 years after he left to study, live and work and then reside in Pittsburgh. I was eager to hear his biography since he played football so keenly here in the 70's. He became an architect, still practices, and now pursues Fine Art, Photography, and Design professionally. His business involves the fusion of these four arts.

He noted the frightful speed of the passage of time, that mysterious shadow that haunts us all into advanced years. He said he blinked when he was 35 and suddenly he was 60. This revelation seems to have prompted a mood that urged a need to wander back to, and connect again to, parts of his world that had flown by so quickly. Over time the urge persisted and ultimately culminated in the visit in September which made him recall something his departed father once said, "Nothing happens before it's time!" We spoke about how his work encompasses his art, each component enfolding the others. He has created compelling, alluring artistic compositions which we viewed on his Instagram site (@cnkennard). Please explore for your own enjoyment.

You will see a stirring example of the astonishing range and sweep of the talents of our Del graduates, in every field, in every corner of the world.

We will use the contacts we have to connect Noel to his friends from the past. Then they can share the twists and turns of the passage of time and appreciate that fortunate visit on September 20.

--Mr. John Hunt