Art Students Head to Camp

This year's DELIAC saw a return to the original vision of having all participating students attend at the same time making the camp truly "integrated." Departing on an unseasonably hot and humid Sunday afternoon, the Grade 9 art and music students, the Grade 10 drama class, and all other senior high school musicians banded together on six yellow buses. Strains of loud singing could be heard as they were leaving.

Once at the wonderful and idyllic setting of Camp Wahanowin near Rama, the students settled into their cabins, and got right into the programme for those three days. De La Salle Integrated Arts Camp offered specialised clinics for each instrument led by a master instructor, as well as important early full band rehearsals with either Mr. Shields or Mr. Thompson. The drama students, under the direction of Mr. Luchka, continued developing their performance skills, as well preparing for the Remembrance Day ceremony for the school. The art students with Ms. Domingues and Mr. Lue Tam jumped right into the art of sketchbooking using the natural beauty of the camp as inspiration and various drawing materials.

In addition to artistic pursuits, the campers were treated to the full range of excellent recreational activities in the afternoon provided by the camp and their friendly and capable staff which included archery, tennis, basketball, climbing wall, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, high ropes, zip line, bingo with zany prizes, and trapeze. There was also an evening programme which involved fun, laugh-out-loud activities (no specifics so as to keep it a surprise for future campers), and snacks. Tuesday evening also featured a campfire with refreshments.

Particular to the grade 9's, they participated in two full-grade leadership sessions where trust, confidence, and supportive partnership were stressed in fun activities led by Mrs. Williams and Mr. Tulshi of the Phys. Ed. department. Special thanks also go out to Ms. Francis, Mr. Nonato, and Ms. Kim who gave of their time and energy to help out in every way during the camp.

Another memorable DELIAC has come and gone, but the students skills and memories carry on.