Consistent with the school’s motto: ‘Enter to learn. Leave to serve’ the development of sound leadership skills is considered an important part of a Lasallian education. Over and above the fostering of leadership qualities at school, various other extra-curricular activities are encouraged, such as participation in student government, House Leaders, the Global Young Leaders Conference, the Cadet Corps, the Duke of Edinburgh Program, and student mentoring and tutoring. These leadership opportunities are intended to help students develop skills in stewardship, team-building and an awareness of the needs of the last, the least and the lost in our society.

Student Executive

The Student Executive are stewards of the College who act as good representatives and role-models for the student body, and the community at large. The Executive’s mission is to always act in good faith and judgment, consider the ideas of fellow students, and remain in accordance with the Lasallian values that the College itself was founded upon.

House System

The House System brings together students of different ages and grade levels to participate in many school activities and events and promotes the values of community, fraternity and responsible leadership. Each student is assigned to one of the six houses that make up the House System. These houses are dedicated in honour of six De La Salle Brothers who made an extraordinary contribution to the life of the College. They are: Brother Alfred, Brother Gabriel, Brother Michael, Brother Arthur, Brother Wilfrid and Brother Xavier.

De La Salle Cadet Corps

Our Cadet Corps is a youth leadership and character formation organization modelled on the structure, esprit de corps, and organization of a military unit. With its core values of Duty, Virtue and Fraternity, The Corps turns its participants into intelligent followers, team-builders and effective leaders who have the skill and the desire to serve “Pro Deo et Patria”.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh program challenges students to develop themselves in the following four areas: Physical Recreation, Skills, Adventurous Journey and Community Service. Students who reach certain benchmarks are provided with awards that are designed in ascending standards of achievement; Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. This program provides the opportunity for students to advance their physical, mental and spiritual welfare. The Student Services Office oversees this program and any student interested in participating should see a counsellor to get started.

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