Lasallian Life

The principal themes of Lasallian formation include community, commitment, charism, the founding story, spirituality, pedagogy, and mission. From webinars, spiritual retreats, and single and multi-day professional development workshops and programs, Lasallians are invited to learn more about the Lasallian educational mission, and deepen their role in it.

Inspired by Jesus Christ’s experience with the Apostles and by the Founder’s life with the Brothers, Lasallians associated for the educational mission can participate in a number of formation processes and programs that transmits the Institute’s rich founding sources and develops the personal and professional qualifications needed to meet the challenges of the Lasallian mission. Associating with the Lasallian mission requires integration of the fundamental elements of the Lasallian charism in the personal, community, and professional life of a Lasallian student.

As a Catholic educational community, De La Salle College provides the time, setting, models, experiences, and reinforcements needed to help the student develop positive attitudes and perform positive deeds. Outside the home, De La Salle College provides its students with the best opportunity to experience living in a Christian community wherein all members will be devoted to persons through service to their families, Church, country and other people.

In keeping with the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle and in keeping with the school's philosophy, each student will be involved in community service programs. This service component will make up an essential element in every student's program of study.

A Community that Serves

In the Junior School, age-appropriate class projects and events are organised for our students as part of the school’s over-all commitment of service to others, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

In the Senior School, community service to others is part of the curriculum and all students must complete a specified number of hours per grade level in order to be granted a credit in the locally developed religion courses offered at the College. New to the College is the Graduate Day of Service where all Grade 12 students participate in a variety of service initiatives before graduation to culminate the Lasallian motto Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.

St. Francis Table, the Missionaries of Charity, the Sisters of Life and Good Shepherd Ministries, are among the many charitable organisations where students do community service projects.

As part of the school’s commitment to the local community, students participate in Megan’s Walk–a foundation to raise funds for brain cancer research; the Youth Philanthropy Initiative–a program where students research, visit and advocate for a local social agency; students work with local chapters of the Out of the Cold Program; engage in activities for Habitat for Humanity projects and support Canadian Blood Services. As well, every year a full day of activities are organised by students to raise funds for and show solidarity to our sister school Mount La Salle in Naka, Nigeria.

Additional service activities that students and the school community participate in include: Terry Fox Run, Sharelife Day, Winter Activity Day, Founder's Day, Christmas Food Drive, Christmas Toy Drive, CN Tower Climb and the Salesian Leadership Retreat.