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Mother's Day Message from Brother Domenic

Mother's Day Message from Brother Domenic

"What a joy that Mary is our mother! Since she loves us and knows our weaknesses, what have we to fear?"

- Saint Therese of Lisieux 


This Sunday, as we celebrate Mother's Day, albeit somewhat differently, let us begin at the feet of the Cross where Our Lord gave to the Beloved Disciple the care of his Mother. In turn, Our Lord gave the care of St. John to His Mother. 

In this scene, the true relationship between mother and child is forever established. When we are children, our mothers are called to look after us. As our mother's age, it is we who must take care of them. 

How much do we learn from our mothers! Each day I recall something my mother, who passed away many years ago, taught me or told me. Without her continued presence each day, I do not think I could manage to do what I do. 

Likewise, without the gift of Our Blessed Mother, you and I have the assurance that She always listens to us and guides us. We know how much love She had for Jesus, the child, the boy, the young working man, the Messiah, Her God. She was always present then and now in the Heavenly Kingdom.

At any time but particularly in these times, let us go to Our Blessed Mother, the Theotokos, the Holy Mother of God, with confidence and love to teach us and to show us how to love with gentleness and kindness and to pray with the heart of a child. 


Lovely lady dressed in blue,
Teach me how to pray.
God was just a little boy
Tell me what to say
Did you lift him up, sometimes, gently on your knee? 
Did you sing to him the way mother does to me?

- Mary Dixon Thayer 


Happy Mother's Day 


Brother Domenic, fsc