Welcome back Del Eco Team!

eco team

Hello Del Community!

This year’s Eco Team will be focusing on raising awareness, developing environmental initiatives, and encouraging positive eco-friendly habits.  We are also excited to introduce new challenges surrounding sustainability, and we invite all of you to participate from home. Our enthusiastic “Eco Leads” will be guiding our virtual sessions, and include Taylor Dellelce, Giulia Di Fonzo, Maja Vlahovic and Nicole Watson. From creating reusable bags out of t-shirts to cooking plant-based meals, we are challenging each of you to shrink your ecological footprint. The entire team will be assigned smaller weekly goals, including reducing the use of single-use plastics for the week or integrating a meatless meal into their weekly routine. 

Are you ready for our first challenge? The Eco Leads will be hosting a meeting and inviting students to gather and create their very own t-shirt tote bag using an up-cycled shirt. With Lent quickly approaching, we will also be participating in a “Food Waste and Plastic Fast”.  Environmental justice is an area of focus that was created to respond to Pope Francis’ call for each of us to become “responsible stewards of creation”.  During Lent, we will be focusing on challenges that can be carried out at home to inspire our families to reduce plastic packaging and food waste. We are encouraging you all to join in on these initiatives to help make the world a cleaner place! 

If you are still interested in getting involved, please contact one of the “Eco Leads” or reach out to Ms. Pollock or Ms. Di Prospero.



De La Salle’s Eco Team