Used Book Sale - Online Edition

Used Book Sale - Online Edition

In last Sunday's bulletin, we promised details on how this year's Used Book Sale will work. We have finalized a plan, and will be adhering to current school and public health guidelines.  

2020 - 2021 Book Lists will be available on the school website by Friday, June 12, on the Oaklands Shoppe page under the Book Lists section. Please use these lists to confirm the books accepted for the sale.

Visit the Used Book Sale Page

Here's how it will work:

INTAKE: Monday, June 22 to Friday, July 3 will be the Intake Period for those families wishing to sell books. Curbside drop off at the school will be used, and your books will be securely received. You will be emailed a consignment contract. Final details on timeframes and drop off instructions during the Intake Period will be published in the coming weeks.


SALE: During this Intake Period, any family wishing to purchase used books, will submit requests via email. All requests will be handled via a lottery system. There will be a priority given to purchase requests where the Family has also supplied books for sale. 

Books will be preselected for you based on your requests, and during the week of July 6 - 10, you will receive an email confirmation of your order with payment due. Payment will be made via the College's Paypal account.

NOTE: Since we cannot accommodate in-person selection, we will ensure we have information on the condition of books. There will be an option to return books in September if they are not satisfactory or if there has been a course change.   

Final details on timeframes, purchase instructions, and the lottery system will be made available in the coming weeks.


PICKUP: Monday, July 13 - Friday, July 24. Curbside pickup at the school for your confirmed orders will be available. 


Why should I buy or sell used books from the Used Book Sale?

Participating as a seller and buyer saves you money and supports the College. Selling or buying at the Used Book Sale will have better pricing for you than traditional resellers offer. The prices for used nooks are determined by their condition. We typically have many books in excellent condition. 

As a seller, you receive ⅔ of the selling price for your sold books. For administering the consignment sale, ⅓ of the amount is kept by the College to help raise much-needed funds. For books sold, sellers receive money following the Return Period in early October. If some of your books do not sell and you would like them back, arrangements for return can be made in the fall.  

The College Used Book Sale is 100% volunteer-run. If you have any general questions about the Book Sale, please contact us at

Detailed instructions about dropping off and requesting books, the lottery and book pickup will be shared in the coming weeks.