The Power of Giving: How Your Support has Shaped this Del Alum's Future

The Power of Giving: How Your Support has Shaped this Del Alum's Future

De La Salle is home to many a story, pointing to the value of membership in our community.  Students inspire each other and their teachers daily with their effort and growth. Success stories powered by hard work and tenacity are catalysts for motivation. They bring up those around them.  They convey the message of hard work paying off. 

Meet An John Nguyen, a 2009 graduate. He attended Del from Grades 9-12, each year garnering Dean’s List Honour Roll recognition for his grades. A well-liked member of his class, he studied English in Rome with Mr. Bellisaro in the summer of 2008. His well-mannered demeanor could lull you into a false sense of security before meeting him on the basketball court. A fierce competitor with a smooth jump-shot, An John was the MVP of the Varsity Basketball team every year he was at school. He will also proudly tell you he captained the team in his Grade 12 year. 

After graduating, An John attended Wilfred Laurier University, where he earned an Honours Bachelor of Administration degree focusing on Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Management. He spoke glowingly of how De La Salle prepared him for challenges in post-secondary education.

“With the high standards and expectations, the academic curriculum was instrumental in preparing me for university and the workforce. From the workload to level of education, Del taught me how to effectively manage time efficiently, learn effectively to perform at a high level, building character and strong habits at a young age.”

His education continued after leaving Wilfred Laurier as he completed a Certification in both Adult Training and Development and Project Management at the University of Toronto, and soon after completing his Project Management Professional (PMP) designation. After starting work at St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto in 2015, he was named a Project Manager for Corporate Strategy in January 2017, a position he holds today. 

A proud recipient of the Superior General’s Scholarship, which awards Full Scholarship Tuition for 4 years at De La Salle College ‘Oaklands’, An John reflected recently on what that opportunity meant to him and his life’s journey.

“The scholarship changed the trajectory of my life, providing me with an opportunity to not only make a difference in my own life, but be an example for my community. Growing up in Regent Park, opportunities are often limited and chances of failing are high, creating a never-ending cycle. Del allowed me to remove the label that was placed on me because of the community I grew up in. Today, I am proud of this community for the grit and resilience that came with it, but Del afforded me the opportunity to change the outcome. Not only did the scholarship support my education, but I was able to partake in extracurricular activities, leading and competing as the captain of the basketball team. I am a holistic person as a result of the experience I received. I am honoured and proud to be one of the recipients of the scholarship and immensely grateful to the donors and administration for allowing me to be an alumnus at such a prestigious school.”

He went on to detail how the Lasallian community affected his personal growth and the further development of his faith.

“Beyond preparing me to succeed in post-secondary education, Del reinforced the Catholic faith and values in my life. I am a better person because of the values the school embraces. Del taught me the importance of leadership and hard work. I have been lucky enough to experience the sports culture, particularly basketball. It showed me what great leadership could amount to when combined with integrity, thoughtfulness and dedication to your team. I take these values with me in my work and personal life.”

As De La Salle students are called to do, An John serves as a positive example in his community.  Along with his full-time responsibilities, he is completing his Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCAD University where he is enrolled part-time. An inspiration to many, De La Salle College is proud to call An John Nguyen an Alumnus and member of our community.

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