The Face of Sports of the Future

The Face of Sports of the Future

During the course of this academic year, the school community is undergoing what is referred to as a “Lasallian Mission Assessment." Every few years, together with other Lasallians from other schools, we take time to ensure that we are being faithful to the key elements of the Lasallian educational mission.

We look at the degree to which we promote and proclaim Gospel values, respectful and healthy human relationships, inclusion of all members in the community, and the excellence of our programmes. We tend to think that such principles apply solely to academic programming and religious education.

This is not so. Our athletic activities and other co-curricular opportunities must also be framed by the same spirit of this mission. Healthy living, exercise, the lessons learned on teams, self-discipline and dedication are very much part of this important aspect of school life for young persons.

It is for this reason, I have asked that a committee be established to look at our over-all athletic programme and other co-curricular opportunities for the purpose of ensuring that our students are being well-served and that we be open to responding to the face of sports for the future.

Today, I am proving you the names of those who have generously offered their time to this project. I am extremely grateful to all those who expressed an interest in being part of this committee. All components of our school community will be involved to some degree. In the weeks ahead, the committee and I look forward to providing you with further information. Let us keep the committee and its future work in our prayers.

Thank you.
Brother Domenic, fsc

Committee Members:

John Voutsinos
Lynda Di Prospero
Taylor Bey
Alexandre Lombardi
Samantha Williams
Carolyn Stroz
Kyle Heatherington
Randy Boyagoda
Judy DeMartin

Goals & Objectives:

To explore the role of athletics as part of the overall educational programme of the school to ensure that all students are well-served by such activities and that all co-curriculars instill and promote Catholic and Lasallian values.

General Tasks:

  • to review all school materials: student agenda, promotional brochures, staff handbook
  • to speak with all stakeholders about their views of athletics in a school environment
  • to look at recent trends in the world of sports
  • to provide recommendations and direction to the school administration before September 2019