Sr Cross-Country Team Wins Two Championship Titles

The 2019 SR X-Country season began with a lot of optimism. The renovations being made at the Rosehill Reservoir Park meant that we would need to train entirely on the DEL Campus grounds for the first time ever. Much to our delight, the field turf and hill leading down to the track provided what we needed to hold ‘quality’ practices. If you saw us on campus, we hope that you had a sense of what our runners do at practice on a regular basis. The success of this year’s team reinforced the quality and convenience of our training venue change. In other words, you’ll likely continue to see our runners on the school grounds in the future.

Before the start of our season, we knew that we already had a talented Midget Girls squad, as they had won the CISAA Finals of XC when they were in Grade 8, and most of them were returning to us. They had performed well at meets during the regular season, so there was no great surprise when they easily won the Midget Girls Championship title at the CISAA Finals this year. What came as a complete surprise to us was winning the Overall Co-Ed title as well. We had a modest 32 runners participate this season. With less than the minimum four runners in either Junior divisions, we assumed that we wouldn’t be in the running for this year’s Overall Co-Ed title. Fortunately, in addition to our stellar Midget Girls results, our other three teams (Midget Boys, Senior Girls, Senior Boys) did well enough to put us over the top. Here is a list of how our teams did at the CISAA Finals this season, with the top 10 individual results indicated as well:


MIDGET GIRLS CHAMPS: Antje Navarrete (4th), Reese Clinton (6th), Abigail Gerretsen, Sofia Marino

SENIOR GIRLS (3RD): Maya Cameron (10th), Hedvig Andree, Siena Ling, Brielle Robillard

SENIOR BOYS (4TH): Dario Garcia-Mendez (6th), Elliot Evans (7th), Sebastian Hickmott (8th), Matthew Walford

MIDGET BOYS (5TH): Jack Kalita, Joseph Leyne, Jordan Sourial, Diego Bellissimo


There is a saying in the sport of XC that a team is only as good as you fourth runner. That generally holds true, as it was the strength of our runners in the third and fourth place finishes that really made a difference in our being able to win the Overall Co-Ed title this season. Their commitment to attending practices regularly and putting in a good effort was self-evident in how things went at the finals.

On behalf of Mr. Kulenkamp, Mr. O’Hagan and myself, we want to say well done to our athletes on their well-earned success this season. They were a very positive group to work with and we were happy to have every one of our runners be a part of our team this season. Till next season…. Keep Running!!!

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