Manchester City Crowned Champions

Saturday, June 1st began with approximately 60 alumni returning to the Del Campus. For some, it was to avenge a tough loss at last year’s tournament, for others it was to prove to Mr. Hunt that their essay deserved at least 70%.

Marvin Self and Marco Antonucci dominated for Chelsea. They proved that age only matters if you’re a fine wine, as they lead a “veteran” team right to the cup final.

For Juventus, Mario Cicciarella, Nick Giampaolo, Joe Bozzo and Nick Asaro were spotted guzzling down triple shots of espresso in the bushes between matches. After seeing them zip around the field, some questioned whether there was something more in their drinks than just caffeine. Unfortunately, their tournament dreams ended early when their leading scorer Bruno Baldassarra had to leave early to
suit up for the York 9s.

If there was a trophy for best dressed, Barcelona would have taken the cup. Unfortunately there isn’t, and they lost. After trading away the Pinto brothers at the last minute, Mathew Gucciardi and Christian Visentin could only do so much. Team Barcelona left campus still searching for their first career tournament win. They left winners in the hearts of their competitors though, as Justin Gibbs and Michael
Pezzetta managed to leave their opponents without any injuries for the first time.

AC Milan proved that to be successful, you don’t need to sign up a team of friends, all you need is a Mr. Pede plan which calculated angles, velocities and ball pressure and Austin McKay, Evan Delaney and Forbes Gilbertson executing his plan to perfection.

And of course Manchester City captured their first career Del Alumni Soccer Tournament Championship. They were the only team to employ a full time Coach as Neil Pinto broke out Jose Mourinho like tactics FTW. Gianluca Palmieri provided the goals, Christian Diener lead the aerial attack, Dante de Thomasis maintained his lifetime career penalty record of never missing in a competitive match and Robbie 
Volpentesta kept the ball out of the net. But the real MVP of this team was massage therapist Kendra Thomson as the Manchester City roster spent more time on the therapy table than on the pitch. Special thanks to Lucas Grella for shaving before the day.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to make the Del Alumni Tournament such a successful event. We look forward to seeing you all back on the pitch again next year.

To view photos from the day's festivities, click here.

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