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Magical Montreal

Magical Montreal

By: Julia Emanoilidis, Milena Palmisano, and Isabelle Montgomery-Sedo from 6a

Last week the Grade 5/6 classes travelled to Quebec to experience “Magical Montreal”. We had a wonderful experience while bonding and sharing unforgettable, amazing, fun, and exciting memories. One of the incredible activities that we participated in was our excursion to the Planetarium, which was a fun filled activity. We were able to see two very interesting presentations about our solar system, where we learned of evidence of a ninth planet as well as the creation of the milky way. When visiting Old Montreal, we took part in a scavenger hunt which helped us to understand the history of the Old Port while getting to meet some really cool people! To top it off, the winners of the Scavenger Hunt were awarded with maple candies! We also visited the Notre Dame Basilica, the McCord Museum, the Olympic Stadium, Place Ville Marie Summit, the Botanical Gardens, and St. Joseph’s Oratory. The most fun and exciting activity that we got to experience was at our visit to The Sugar Shack located in the middle of the forest. We were greeted by the owner’s son who went through the process of making maple syrup. This was followed by a wonderful dinner with a variety of delicious foods like eggs, sausages, mashed potatoes, pancakes and delicious soft warm bread with butter...and you guessed it, everything was covered in maple syrup! After dinner, we participated in a dance party while playing spoons and gathering in conga lines. We had a blast! Lastly, and most importantly, this trip was filled with laughter and joy. We were brought together, bonded and cherished every moment together. We are so very fortunate that we were given this opportunity!


By: Dylan Cheng, Ava Sardellitti, Ishaa Balasubramaniam, Drew Kolbus, Elisa Beasley and Evan Kilroy-Kuske in Grade 5

Last week, the grade 5s and 6s went on a wonderful journey to Montreal. During our trip, we visited many new places. When we arrived it was raining really hard so we went to the Planetarium and explored the galaxy. We sat on beanbags and when we looked up there was a big dome playing 2 short movies about space. The next day, we went on a bus tour of the city. Our guide Jean-Michel told us many interesting things about the city. We went to Old Montreal and spent some time at Notre Dame Cathedral. We also did a photo scavenger hunt to explore the area. After dinner we went up to the top of Mont Royal to see the city at sunset. Did you know that no building in Montreal can be taller than the cross on the top of Mont Royal?

On Thursday we started our day at the McCord Museum and learned about the First Nations. We made corn-husk dolls. We also went to the Olympic Park and the Botanical Gardens. The Gardens were very calm and peaceful – the only things that were loud was us. Our favourite part about Thursday was the Sugar Shack! They served us dinner with maple syrup on everything! There was also lots of singing and dancing.

Before leaving for home, we stopped at St. Joseph’s Oratory – the biggest church in Canada. We learned about St. Joseph and the patron saint of family care, Brother Andre.

We had a great time on our trip to Montreal. It brought everyone closer together, made us new friendships, and helped make our De La Salle community stronger than ever. Merci to all the teachers who came on the trip!


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