Introducing our new Coordinator of Mental Health and Wellness

Name: Miss Burton

Title: Health and Wellness Coordinator

What will you be doing in your new role at the De La Salle?

My focus is on the overall well-being of the students and promoting physical activity and movement. I will be working with the Junior School during their community time hours, running intramurals and working with the Senior School students that sign up for fitness as their co-curricular activity.


How will you be interacting with different members of the community? 

I will be working mostly with students but also with staff and parents to try and build a community that promotes physical activity and healthy habits. During the day, students and staff can find me in the Student Centre (arena), available and able to help sign out equipment, run workouts or offer support during students' Independent Learning Time or class breaks. Hopefully, my reach will extend to the parents and promote healthy habits within the family!


What was it about the College that made you want to work here?

I am an alumna of Del, so I already know how great the community is, and I have always had a passion for coaching (I started coaching gymnastics when I was 14 and have never stopped!).


What are you looking most forward to about working at De La Salle?

Meeting all the students and staff!


How will your work fulfill the College's mission and vision as a Catholic Educational institution in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle?

I hope my work will help to rebuild the community of the school again. The mental, physical and emotional health of the students and staff is important and has been tried during the last year. Focusing my efforts on the well-being of the students and staff will ensure that they can learn and serve their community to the best of their ability. 


What's a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I grew up doing competitive dance and gymnastics. Sport has always been a big part of my life, and I coach competitive gymnastics now!


Please include any other information that you feel would be relevant for our community to know about you or your work at the College:

I attended the University of Toronto for Kinesiology, and I am a Registered Kinesiologist.

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