Introducing our new Coordinator of Discipleship & Evangelization

Name: Miss Bell

Title: Coordinator of Discipleship & Evangelization

What will you be doing in your new role at the De La Salle?

I’m a strong believer that “God does not call those who are equipped. He equips those who He calls.” Whether that’s through facilitating our retreat program, planning service trips locally and abroad, or organizing prayer groups, Holy Hours, Praise and Worship sessions or Mass; ultimately, my role at De La Salle is to pray with, listen, and serve our students, parents, and staff; so, they can recognize and choose to not only call the Church but Jesus their Home.


How will you be interacting with different members our community?

Prayer, guidance, and resources are the main ways I will be interacting with the students, parents, and staff at De La Salle. If you are having a stressful day and need a pray-over, guided meditation, or if you have a question about our Catholic Faith… I will kind of be like a walking, talking resource! I will provide faith-based resources for classroom use in all subjects. I will be offering formation opportunities for parents and staff to help build the foundation to support a Catholic family and enhance Catholic education. I will also be facilitating our grade-level retreats, planning our service trips, organizing class Masses and a few other events for our students to put into practice what it means to be a missionary of Christ. Whether you are a science teacher, a secretary, a golfer, or a mom; each of our Vocations asks us to use our gifts for God’s Glory because no one else can. I will be here to offer support and opportunities for our students, parents, and staff to use those gifts for God.


What was it about the College that made you want to work here?

One could say that my calling here was pretty providential. I had never heard of De La Salle College or Lasallian tradition before. For the past three years, I have dedicated my life to serving Christ and His Church as a Missionary within the Archdiocese of Toronto. I served in youth ministry and participated in my school’s Chaplaincy. At the same time, I was studying at Ryerson University, majoring in the Media Production program. I love filming and editing videos, especially in connection to sharing the beauty that is our Catholic Faith. Although my education was not directly related to my past positions, I tried to bring my marketing and media skills into my work experience with the Church as much as I could. When I graduated from University, I did not know if I was going to work with a media-specific company, or in ministry… or both. Before applying to De La Salle, I had been searching for a job for a while (Covid did not make that easy). I prayed so hard for a job in the Catholic media field… and I got an offer for one. This offer was exactly what I had been praying for and what I thought I wanted. But it did not line up with other aspects of my life that I was discerning. It was so hard to say no to that position, but I knew that by saying “no” to this job, I was giving a greater “yes” to God. Not too long after, a co-worker from youth ministry reached out to me and sent me the application for a position called, Coordinator of Discipleship & Evangelization at De La Salle College “Oaklands”. I had heard of this position within a Church, but never within a school. When reading through the job description, there was something so unique about it, that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to apply. The fact that De La Salle College strives to actively form intentional disciples daily and encourages everyone to recognize the Presence of God throughout the day, is a huge gift. God knew the desires of my heart, and even though I didn’t know this position existed, it fulfilled all my expectations and then some! This job gives me the opportunity to combine both my passions for media and ministry. When I arrived on campus for the first time, my reaction was, “This is a patch of Heaven!”


What are you looking most forward to about working at De La Salle?

Some people call it the “epiphany” or “Ah-Ha” moment, but what I’m looking forward to the most is witnessing the students grow in a deep, authentic way in how they serve others and personally encounter Jesus; that in their gut, they have that “epiphany” moment; and they know who Jesus is and the healing He can bring to their lives.


How will your work fulfill the College’s mission and vision as a Catholic Educational institution in the tradition of St. John Baptist de La Salle?

If there’s anything I’ve learned from serving the Church and travelling as a missionary, it’s that mission is a lifestyle, not a job. It covers all aspects of your life, not just at school or on Sundays at Church. Just like St. John Baptist de La Salle, each of us has God-given gifts and a unique plan that only we can fulfill. We have a responsibility to use those gifts to build a generation of leaders. My work here will be to promote the truth of the Gospel and equip the students, parents, and staff with the tools to become intentional disciples of Christ. We are all chosen, loved, and seen by God. It’s about time we embrace it!


What's a fun fact about you many people may not know?

A fun fact about me that many people may not know is that I went on a mission trip with an organization called Catholic Christian Outreach to Cameroon, Africa. For someone who hates planes and is awful with directions, I never thought God would bring me here…but He did, and it was an incredible experience! I produced a documentary of the trip. If you would like to see it, you can click here


Final thoughts:

Living a life with Christ is supposed to be radical. It’s supposed to be different and not make sense to the ordinary world. As I’m in the planning stages for this upcoming school year, know that I’m praying for each of you and that God reveals His unique purpose for you and provides healing in your life. As St. Pope John Paul II said, “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure!” Get ready for an adventure that is better than any you could imagine! Just say “yes.”

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