Hope, Wholeness and Love -Junior School Assembly

Hope, Wholeness and Love -Junior School Assembly

On the morning of February 22nd, students and staff of the Grade 5 to 7 classes gathered a second time after the regular morning assembly to celebrate the virtues of Hope, Wholeness, and Love. Recipients of these virtue-based awards included a donor of hair to charity, students striving to improve in all areas of academics, conduct, faith and athletics, as well as those who share boundless smiles and their loving spirit.

Striking certificates were conferred to the following individuals:

Grade 5

Hope:  Stefano L.
Wholeness: Chris K.
Love: Serena M.

Grade 6

Hope - Thomas D., Isabelle S.
Wholeness - Adrienne T., Alessia F.
Love - Zoe D., Isaac W.

Grade 7

Hope: Hector G., Cassandra A. D., Alisea D., Bianca B.
Wholeness: Mira B., Alexa O., Victoria D., Jesus V.
Love: Leela S., Matteo D. F., Benjamin A., Francesco L.

It was also wonderful to see a larger contingent of parents to share in the joy.  We all join together to always celebrate the fine character of our young Lasallians who are the HOPE of the future.

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