Grade 5 & 6 Retreat to Martyrs' Shrine

By: Vasili, Grade 5

In October, I had a Religion Retreat at Martyrs Shrine in Midland. It was a cool experience and I had lots of fun, but I'm going to talk about the highlights of the retreat.

First I would like to talk about the campus. It was very old-fashioned and it also felt as if I were going back in time. We also learned that the Huron-Wendat Tribe and the French people were at war and the French broke down the Wendat's village. It was also very cold back then, but at least they had fireplaces. At the Religion Retreat we also had mass and communion. At first it felt really strange because I hadn't gone to mass in a long time. Overall it was a good retreat and I hope we do it again!

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