Del's DECA Team finds Success in Online Competition

By: Emily Lopes (Grade 12, DECA CEO)

Sofia D'Ambrosi and Nicole Watson

This year's DECA competition was a little different than last year's, but Del's DECA team didn't let that stop them from putting their best foot forward and having close to 30 students qualify for provincials! Our club began studying in mid-October, after having assembled our exec team (Emily Lopes CEO, Aidan Dignam, Chloe Stoneburgh, Connor Norwood and Christopher Prangikos VPs) and putting together a rigorous practice plan. To understand and practice for DECA, students attended two meetings a week where they were able to communicate with their respective VP's, ask for advice, and share their practice cases. Moreover, this year's regionals competition was different than in previous years because all of it was online; luckily, we were able to complete multiple mock exams to prepare for the real competition, which allowed us to have very few difficulties on the day of the competition.

Congratulations to the following students for moving on to the provincial competition in February and a special mention to Nicole Watson and Sofia D’Ambrosi for placing top 20 in their respective events:

Griffin Lind
Connor Norwood
Yahvi Kapoor
Lauren Um
Gabriel Sinha
Matthew White
Alexis Lee
Yubine Lee
Jonathan Zambrano
Matthew Sardellitti
Aidan Dignam
Cadence Kiss
Chloe Stoneburgh
Emily Lopes
Sophie Da Silva
Sofia Dambrosi
Zac Leveriza
Sofia Marino
Gianni Bordieri
Isabella Rossi
Inigo Greenall
Audrey Cheng
Tony Yu
Nicole Watson
Oskar Petro-Lomheim
Dario Rodrigues
Christopher Fortini
Christopher Prangikos
Matthew Heal-Kowal