Del Students Reach Semi-Finals of App Development Competition

Recently we shared that a number of our Senior School students took place in the Technovation Girls competition for mobile app development. The contest is "a global competition in which girls (10-18) learn to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders by working in teams to code mobile apps that address real-world problems." As part of the program, our students participated in a series of online workshops to learn about addressing needs in their communities, learning to code, and finally creating a business plan complete with an app demo and pitch video.

We are excited to announce that our Grade 11 team of Yahvi Kapoor, Alyssandra Mammoliti and Sarah Qiao have advanced to the semi-finals of the competition, set to take place this August. They will go up against students from across Canada and around the world! With only ten contestants making it this far from Canada, this is an extraordinary achievement in which our whole community can take great pride.

Yahvi, Alyssandra and Sarah created an app called NewsBear. This easy-to-use Android app for teenagers helps users find and share fact-checked news articles. In the age of the Internet and social media, teenagers are especially susceptible to fall for fake and uncredited news. Whether the article is posted to convince the reader of a particular biased siding or shock them into sharing for publicity, propagated manipulation through these posts can negatively and unjustly affect a young person's opinion and mental health.

We hope to bring you more exciting news about the competition in September! Learn more about NewsBear below.