Del Student Council President to CEO of Silicon Valley Company

Del Student Council President to CEO of Silicon Valley Company

Now a CEO of an industry leading company in Silicon Valley, Andrew Arruda '07 remembers his time at De La Salle College fondly. Andrew is the CEO and co-founder of ROSS Intelligence, an artificial intelligence company working towards a world where everyone can have access to a lawyer.

Arruda attended De La Salle from grade six to 12. At Del he played soccer, baseball, basketball and football, was involved in the debating club and student government while part of the Brother Arthur house.

"My experience at Del helped shaped me in terms of who I am today," said Arruda. During his first year on the football team, Del won the Golden Horseshoe Bowl. Arruda went on to play for the rest of his high school career and was team captain. In his senior year, Arruda was named a City of Toronto Football All-Star by the Toronto Star and went on to the starting-team rotation with Team Canada football during the Bridge of the America's tournament in 2006.

"I captained the team for a few years and I think there is a direct correlation between my success as a CEO and my experience in sports and captaining teams at Del," said Arruda.

He was student council co-president in grade 11 and 12. His senior year superlatives in the yearbook were 'Most likely to becomes Prime Minister' and 'Most likely to become a professional athlete.'

An important part of De La Salle College's mission is to teach its students how to make a life, and not simply how to make a living. "My co-founders and I have made a guarantee to give our technology away for free to deserving organizations like legal aid clinics. That ties in directly to the ethos of serving," said Arruda.

Del's motto, "Enter to learn, leave to serve," has impacted Arruda's personal life as well as his approach to business. He said that, "In addition to our success commercially, in my day to day interactions I try to treat others as I would like to be treated. That's something that's taken me far in my business career, especially that I'm only 27 years old and I've already accomplished so much and there is so much more for me to accomplish."

One of Arruda's missions for his company is to democratize the law. Arruda explains that when lawyers take on cases, they do extensive research into the case before they can even start helping the client. This research translates to big bills for the client, which prevent many from having access to a lawyer. ROSS Intelligence's artificially intelligent lawyer will do the grunt work for lawyers, allowing for lower costs and freeing up their time to help more clients.

"With technology enabled by artificial intelligence like ROSS, the technology I helped found, we are working towards a world where everyone who needs a lawyer will be able to afford one," said Arruda.

Arruda recalls that " I've been blessed in life to end up where I am, and so you know I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in my life. Del, being a part of that, means I wouldn't want to change a single thing. The good, the bad, and everything in between. I think it was essential for me to go through everything I have to end up where I am. Del offered seven years of my life that really helped shape who I am."

Andrew encourages any De La Salle College alumni in the artificial intelligence and technologies field to reach out to him at

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