De La Salle Cadet Corps Battalion Ball

De La Salle Cadet Corps Battalion Ball

Continuing with a long-standing College tradition that dates back to the early 1900’s, the De La Salle Cadets Corps conducted its Annual Battalion Ball on the 1st of December in the Heritage House Ballroom. 

The Battalion Ball is a formal event – Gentlemen, if military or Cadets were dressed in uniform (or tuxedo for civilians), and ladies in full length gowns, all guests wearing white gloves.  The evening began with a “cocktail” reception, hors d’oeuvres, and photos with the beautiful foyer of Heritage House as our background.  A formal dinner followed, where rules of etiquette (and some rules unique to the DLSCC) were observed.  As per military custom, various cadets were assigned to offer toasts to Her Majesty, The Holy Father, The Brother Superior and The Brothers, our Allied Cadet Corps, and our own DLSCC. 

The Corps birthday (07 Jan 1911 – when the famous Drum Corps was started) is always commemorated with our Honourary Colonel, Brother Domenic, cutting the Corps’ birthday cake (which is always Black Forest cake) in true military style: with a sword that was gifted to Brother by the first generation of Cadets, back in 2005. 

The Dining hall was then transformed into a ballroom for the dancing portion of the evening.  Keeping with the long tradition, all the dances of the evening are ballroom style dances, such as the foxtrot, the waltz, the cha-cha, to name a few.  These dances were learned by The Cadets and guests in the weeks prior to the Ball.

Some of the things that made this year extra special, was that most of the planning and preparation was all done by the cadets with very little involvement from the officers.  Another thing was all the awards and promotions that happened at this year’s Ball, that included H. Hlynianszky promoted to Sergeant, D. Fatigati promoted to Corporal, F. Childerson, M. Henein, L. Minion and R. Painchaud all promoted to Lance Corporal. 

“After seeing how the entire evening came together, even with the few bumps along the way, makes me extremely proud of these young men and women.  Over the years being able to see them become who they are now, brings me lots of joy, like a proud father.”  Capt. Rousselle

“Each Battalion Ball is nothing less than magical.  The exercise of refinement and class are a part of possessing good character.  These qualities were seen in copious amounts at The DLSCC Battalion Ball.” LCol Nonato

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