Compassion, Community and Respect -Junior School Assembly

Compassion, Community and Respect -Junior School Assembly

On the morning of May 30, students and staff of the Grade 5 to 7 classes gathered a third and final time for the school year to celebrate the virtues of Compassion, Community and Respect. Recipients of these virtue-based awards included students who are always willing to lend a hand, who represent great Del leaders in the community and who constantly show respect to their teachers, parents and peers.

Striking certificates were conferred to the following individuals:

Grade 5

Compassion - Audrey B.
Community - Giacomo R.
Respect - Joseph B.

Grade 6

Compassion - Jude B., Jessica W.
Community - Alessia M., Patricia R.
Respect - Nicolas T., Matthew N.

Grade 7

Compassion - Tess M.Siena B., Fisher J., Isabella T.
Community - Giulia A., Ava L., Irene C., Emerson S.
Respect - Ethan B., Emilia T., Meline M.,  Arman P.,

It was wonderful to see such a larg contingent of parents to share in the joy.  We all join together to always celebrate the fine character of our young Lasallians who are the leaders in our COMMUNITY

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