2019 Cadet Corps Annual Inspection

By: Ferdia Collins Childerson

On Saturday, May 4, the De La Salle Cadets Corps had their Annual Inspection. The Annual Inspection is the day where the Cadets can bring their families and friends to show them what the cadets have learned over the year. During the inspection our Honorary Colonel Brother Domenic also has a chance to see the progress all the Cadets have made throughout the year. The most anticipated part of the Annual Inspection is the presentation of awards and promotions, presented by Brother Domenic. This year many awards were presented to the Cadets. There are service bars presented every year for being a cadet, to represent years of service. There is also an award that is given to a cadet for participating in three field training exercises, this is important because the field and mother nature are the toughest training ground.

For a cadet, the highest praise is telling them that they are a good leader, and this dream was realised by four of the cadets who were given a brown lanyard for completing the first part of the cadet leadership development course. By completing this course those four cadets are now able to lead groups up to and including ten younger cadets. This year there was a cadet who was graduating from De La Salle, so a special ceremony was performed called the “long walk”. During the long walk, the graduating cadet walks past the remaining cadets as they salute, and marches up to the cenotaph to “join the ranks of the cadets who have gone before him”.


After this ceremony the drill team lead by LCpl. Painchaud showed the guests a presentation of some incredibly complicated and precise drills.

If you would like to join the cadets please speak to either LCol Nonato or Captain Rousselle, alternatively you could talk to a cadet or come to the basement of the music hall on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Enjoy this highlight video created by Del Alum, Lauren Shields.

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