Spring has Sprung at Del

Spring has Sprung at Del

As we continue to embrace the Easter season’s message of renewal and enjoy the beginnings of the month of May, it is evident that our busy Del community has sprung into action rejuvenating the messages of faith, service, charity, comradery and sportsmanship. I can’t help but think about one on my most used French maxims- “Vouloir c’est Pouvoir”, when one wants, one can accomplish, and Del is a place where possibilities are boundless and where things are made to happen. 

As the students begin to enjoy the splendor of sunlight and greenery that our campus offers during this season, the excitement of their involvement in student life is palpable. Whether we are launching discs on the field, batting up for a homerun, tackling the climb of the CN tower, singing and dancing supercalifragilistically on centre stage or becoming French chefs for a day, life at Del continues to offer exuberance and excitement both in and out of the quiet corridors.

Spring brings with it hope and promise for exciting things to come, and among us are many who continue to showcase artistic talents, athleticism and leadership initiatives which speak to our unique identity. We are so fortunate to have a multitude of opportunities before us and to witness students, staff and parents join together is a remarkable gift. Families that play together, stay together and our Del family embodies this message. We study, work, play hard and continue to support one another’s endeavors- big or small. This sense of collaboration offers a true sense of belonging and for this we must all be very thankful. Although we experience hardships on occasion to find meaning and relevance in a world that at times offers messages of challenge and despair, among us remain key ambassadors to remind us of our strength and purpose as educators and students. Students who time and time again, diligently respond to the call of rehearsals, practices, community engagements and exercises of faith are working to capture the true essence of life’s balance.

With every passing year, I recognize how the busyness of the academic calendar can take hold of us; however, it becomes important during these frenetic times to find the essence of being perfectly present in each activity and with whom we interact. Participating as an entire community in our annual human hug around our school field creating a Circle of Hope for children battling cancer serves magically to keep this message of presence and life alive among us. I pause at times to enjoy looking through my open office window on a beautiful Spring afternoon to simply smell the aroma of fresh cut lawn and to see students sitting on a school bench enjoying their favourite lunch with a few close friends. This helps to remind me of the perfect presence of life.

I take this opportunity to thank the many hands that come together each day to create an environment such as ours. Passion and a keenness with a “get up and go” attitude have always been a part of this family, and this year at Del has been no different. As students embrace the last leg of their studies in preparation for their examinations and for our graduates who embark on new beginnings, we congratulate all of our students for their continued efforts, and we look forward to a productive conclusion to the school year.

Lynda Di Prospero
Vice Principal