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Mr. Lundy

Mr. Lundy, Principal

On behalf of the staff of De La Salle, I thank you for your on-going support as we continue to work with the students we are called to serve. As a parent myself, I am aware of the need to strike the appropriate balance among school responsibilities, family commitments and time with friends. While not an exact science, that balance is something we as a staff want to strive for.

Over the last few weeks, I have had the chance to speak informally with students in various grades about their experience here at the College.  Their responses have been thoughtful, and I am appreciative of their constructive feedback.  Many new students have mentioned they have come from schools where they were given little – if any – homework. While I would never comment on another school’s approach to this matter, many students have mentioned there has been an adjustment period during the first few months of school. Candidly, a few students admitted to spending a great deal of time on their phones and tablets while doing their homework. While thinking of an amusing exchange with a student who jokingly said he would like no tests at all, I reflected on our goal to always ensure our expectations are purposeful. In any event, the opportunity to get feedback and engage in constructive dialogue is always beneficial.

We continue to be proactive in providing resources and supports for our students. I would like to thank our Youth Minister, Mr. Iacobazzi, for continuing to provide meaningful retreats for them throughout the academic year. This week our Grades 7 – 9’s had their retreats with Mr. John Grossman. Feedback from students and parents was very positive and Mr. Grossman was extremely impressed with those he encountered. Time outside the class to develop our Faith and sense of community is a vital component of our programming at Del. The presentation from our guest speakers earlier this week was well-received by our students. Steady reminders of proper social media use and ways to encourage student wellbeing and safety is a responsibility we share with our parent community.

I wish our students a good long weekend as our Staff returns from Buffalo from a rewarding formation opportunity. We all look forward to Monday’s Remembrance Day Ceremony where we honour the women and men who have served and continue to serve, our country.


R. Lundy


A True Sense of Lasallian Charism

Ms. Di Prospero,
Vice Principal

As we begin experiencing the longer evenings and shorter days that November unavoidably brings, I hope it was helpful to make use of the extra hour that this season offered over the past weekend. As we all realize how frenetic the busyness of a modern lifestyle can be, in some ways it was comforting to know that we were forced to “Fall back” with a reminder to slow down and take advantage of the extra hour, perhaps to reconnect with family and friends. As we embrace this notion of friendship and connection, I am pleased to announce that on November 11th we will have the honour of being visited by our Superior General, Br. Robert Schieler. He will join us to gather as a community for our annual Remembrance Day ceremony and he will also be among us to bear witness to the passionate engagement by our DEL students, teachers and parents who continue to embrace the message of faith and service. 

As I think of our Superior General, I am reminded of a quote by Br. Rob who remarked that “the decisive educational innovation of the Founder was that education was conducted within a community” and this statement certainly rings true here on our campus. His stay along with visits by our various District Brothers and more particularly this week by the collaborative work of our visiting retreat leader, Mr. John Grossman each serve to signify that we are keenly supported by our regional and global partners within the Lasallian network. Our connection, that of being united “together and by association” continues to be infused in all that we do here at DEL and the partners who share our common vision recognize “Oaklands” for its dynamic and unique work as a global mission partner.

Typically, across the Institute and more concretely within DENA (District of Eastern North America) a network within which we work and operate, schools undergo what we call a Lasallian Assessment. The Lasallian Mission Assessment Process is guided by the vision and traditions of St. John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.  Lasallian schools are Catholic schools, based on core goals and characteristics that make them uniquely Lasallian. Their educational policies are centered on the young, designed to prepare them to take their place in society, and characterized by the determination to make the means of salvation available through a quality education and by explicit proclamation of Jesus Christ. This assessment serves to ensure the educational ministry effectively carries out the Lasallian Mission and lives the Lasallian Charism and the process is designed to affirm key areas of strength as well as to identify critical areas for continued growth.

We are proud that as a result of the authentic and collaborative work by administration, faculty, alumni, staff, board members, students and parents, we successfully completed our second Lasallian Assessment this year. Visited by a formal Assessment Team comprised of U.S. Lasallian partners, the DEL community fiercely demonstrated that the teaching community is zealously and fervently meeting students where they are and accompanying them on a journey of academic, personal and spiritual growth. The team’s members visited our community over a three-day period and unanimously agreed that “Oaklands”, in a very intentional manner, demonstrates an impressive sense of community and illustrates through a myriad of facets of the school, how it is firmly rooted in the pillars of Catholic Education. Lasallian Charism and in academic excellence. Efforts and purposeful work in the areas of; Lasallian Youth, Faculty Formation, Infused Instruction, Evangelization and Catechesis, Liturgical Life, Association, Youth Ministry, Retreats, and Service for and of the Poor, were applauded and highlighted as remarkable areas of strength within our ministry.

It is not without a humble understanding however, that our mission must carry on, persevere and flourish so that we can “teach minds, touch hearts” and cultivate in our students a sense of faith, gratitude, benevolence, respect for all persons and inclusiveness. We acknowledge that the scope of the message we expound is immeasurable and so we look to capture the essence of the quote offered by one of our most formative Brothers, Br. Luke Salm who stated that “the work is ours”. At times, the interruption of the day by what is needed from our children becomes the essence of the work and it is affirming to know that we are regarded to be engaging in this work humbly, openly and collaboratively. As DEL recognizes its commitment to communal endeavors which notably serve to drive the Mission, we are most delighted that today, we had the opportunity to take part in Lasallian history. Our faculty travelled to St. Joseph’s Collegiate in Buffalo for the 10th anniversary celebration of the establishment of our DENA District and it was a momentous gathering. This event was born from the fruitful labours of many associated members across the District who worked to assemble and unite thousands of educational partners across neighbouring U.S. Lasallian schools. The celebration fostered a true sense of belonging and it was a remarkable success full of cheer, praise and support. The enthusiasm was palpable, our vision was clear, and we returned with a comforting sense of solidarity. The event was energizing because it strengthened our association with other teachers, and it was most certainly was a fitting way to promote identity and kinship.


The Face of Sports for the Future at De La Salle College “Oaklands”

John Voutsinos,
Vice Principal

Over the course of the 2018-2019 school year, members of the De La Salle community were gathered to form an ad hoc committee to conduct a full review of the extracurricular program at De La Salle College.

The mandate of the committee was to explore the role of athletics as part of the overall educational program of the school to ensure that all students are well-served by such activities and that such co-curriculars instill Catholic and Lasallian values. Specific tasks included a full review of all school materials, including the student agenda, promotional brochures, staff handbook, school website, etc., speaking with various stakeholders of the school about their views of athletics in a school environment, and to look at recent trends in the world of sports. Once all tasks were completed, the committee was asked to provide recommendations and direction to the school Administration before September 2019. The committee consisted of the following members: 

  • Committee Chair/Administration Representative
    • Mr. John Voutsinos
  • Committee Secretary/Administration Representative   
    • Ms. Lynda Di Prospero
  • Board of Directors Representative
    • Mr. Kyle Hetherington
  • Board of Directors Representative
    • Ms. Carolyn Stroz
  • Parent Representative
    • Dr. Randy Boyagoda
  • Parent Representative
    • Mrs. Judy De Martin
  • Teacher Representative
    • Mr. Taylor Bey
  • Teacher Representative
    • Mr. Alexandre Lombardi
  • Student Services Representative
    • Mrs. Samantha Williams


The committee met 5 times from February 2019-May 2019 and the following report was presented to the Principal for approval:


Ad Hoc Committee on the Face of Sports for the Future Final Report 2019


All recommendations in the report were approved by the Principal in June 2019. The report was then presented to the Board of Directors for final review.

The committee concluded by affirming that the overall goals of the Athletics program are informed by and affirm the mission of the school. Moreover, it is the hope of the committee that the recommendations will ensure the athletics program continues to offer a culture of safe and healthy participation that balances academics and extracurricular activities while also balancing participation and winning.

If any members of the community have any questions about the work of the committee, they are welcome to reach out to the Administration of the College at any time.