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I wish to share with you the thinking and wisdom of the Church to assist you in your role as teachers and as witnesses or supporters of the Catholic Faith here at De La Salle.  In addition to what can be found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church; the Archdiocese of Toronto, through the Cardinal Archbishop and the Canadian Conference of Bishops have provided direction and policy directives on all the matters I will be summarising.

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As we all find ourselves in the busyness of November, we look forward to the promise and excitement that this month will bring as the school community embraces zeal and compassion across campus. Our students in October were as brilliant and vibrant as the changing colours of the Fall season and it's always promising to witness them in action daily.

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Health Corner

Mr. Grossman is a perfect match to the virtue of Zeal with Compassion for the month of November. I can wager that Mr. Grossman’s stories and reflections entered our hearts and souls during the retreat, and, lingered long after it was over. The key of the Retreat was to bring the students closer to God and God’s plan through connection with themselves and with others through virtues that they possess.

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