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PA Funding

Requests for De La Salle Parents' Association Funding

If you are interested in requesting funds for a program, equipment or other initiative, please submit your request as soon as possible using the online form below.

Each request should contain sufficient detail to help the Del Parents’ Association assess the request, including an estimate or quote from the supplier of the product or service. Each request will be reviewed and considered depending on the availability of funds and whether the request satisfies the funding criteria set out below.

Funding Criteria:

1. Requests should be in line with the Lasallian values and philosophy of the school
2. Funded items should enhance the overall curricular, co-curricular, and educational experience of the students
3. Funded items should promote the reputation of the school in the wider community.

Examples of such requests can include such costs as: Equipment and Supplies, Classroom supplies/improvements, Technology, Activities, Environmental Improvements, and Clinics/Workshops.

Examples of such items that are typically not included are: field trips (including the cost of entry and transportation), parties (including teams, clubs, cast, and social events) not sanctioned by the school.

Requests are approved based on the assumption that funds will be spent within the current school calendar year (by May 15, 2023). Any potential exceptions should be noted in the funding request application.

For questions, please contact: Mr. Matt Freeman, PA Budget Chair -

Online Funding Request Form