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Religion in the Classroom

In the Religion department at De La Salle College, the Religion program is a tool for evangelization of the young delivered in the context of an academically rigorous program.  

In the Junior school (gr.5-8) students will have a full Religion period every day as a part of their core classes. In this program they will study the Creed, the Sacraments, Prayer, the Church, and end with a thorough introductory study of the Scriptures in gr.8.  

In the Upper School, religion is a full credit course in each of the 4 years. Each year has a different focus (Introduction to Catholicism, Morality, Church History, and Philosophy) so that by the end of their 4 years, student ought to have a clear understanding of the path to salvation in the Catholic Tradition.  

Students will encounter faculty that take the faith seriously and will be given an opportunity to engage the world with a Catholic worldview, while developing a basic theological competence of the Catholic tradition and their relationship with God.  It is our hope that students will be given an opportunity to nurture their faith and reason to perceive the truth of God, themselves, others, and the world.  



Our Religious Program


As per past years, each grade will be scheduled to attend a retreat during the school year. This year, we are introducing a new retreat program theme called, The Hero’s Journey. This concept is a common story structure (twelve stages) that screenwriters use to share the story of the hero – a character who is called out of their ordinary world to go on an adventure, complete a mission, and return home transformed. This formula is very similar to God’s calling and purpose for each of us in our own lives. We are all called to live a “Hero’s Journey.”

Retreat Program