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To be a Lasallian educator is to take a hand, open a mind and touch a heart. As educators, it is imperative that we recognize that “if we dare to teach, we must never cease to learn.” Our founder, who reminds us that we have been chosen by God to do his work, instructs us to “inspire and lead others by encouraging them.” In keeping with the sentiments of our founder St. John Baptist, animation and Lasallian formation therefore serve as an integral part of the Lasallian experience for faculty, students, and parent community at DEL. To animate or to create in the Lasallian context signifies “to bring to life in the spirit of association.” At the College, the Animator is to promote awareness of the Lasallian global mission – one that embodies the life of our founder and unites us in the Spirit of Faith. It is with great purpose that the common responsibility as Lasallians is to embrace, encourage and nurture the faith and educational journey of the Lasallian student. In recognizing and fulfilling this responsibility, we work to foster opportunities which help ‘animate’ and breathe life to the spirit of the mission while promoting innovative opportunities in teaching and in formation.

As a school community, we share in the practice of recalling the presence of God and as Animator of the College, I am charged with the magnificent opportunity to educate our community about the Lasallian charism, its unique global identity and to remind us of our vocation and commitment to Faith, Service and Community. How fortunate we are as members of this Lasallian family to have the numerous opportunities to engage in formation and to learn about the Founder. It is precisely the teachings of St. John Baptist and the understanding of the global Lasallian mission which serve to propel us in further sustaining the Mission set forth by our founding father. Perhaps quite fittingly, it is the opportunity for a collective engagement which serves as an invaluable experience in bringing to life the heritage and legacy of our patron saint of teachers. I believe it is the daily exchanges between faculty and students, the community building events, the service initiatives and of course the community celebration of the sacrifice of the mass that each uniquely serve to deepen the collective bond of Lasallian association at Del. It is pleasing to have the opportunity to offer a collaborative engagement with the many members of our community, our District, Regional and Global partners in spreading the message of St. John Baptist de La Salle. A message that encourages us to act “in a sign of faith”, to serve those in need and to touch the hearts of the youth entrusted to our care.

As we embrace the Lasallian charism, let us continue to pay homage to our Founder and walk in the footsteps of St. John Baptist de La Salle who faithfully and skillfully set a path in place for us to follow. Let us continue to be inspired by our Lasallian predecessors and our Lasallian global partners as we “fulfill our ministry with all the affection of our heart” and serve as voice for Lasallian Pedagogy and Mission.

Ms. Di Prospero

Live Jesus in our Hearts.


Regional and District Lasallian Formation and Programs

The Lasallian Institute offers a myriad of International, Regional and District programs for teachers/staff members who are interested in Lasallian studies. Lasallians gather throughout the calendar year to share in the mission by studying and collaborating with global partners in Lasallian pedagogy.

Formation Programs

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