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"Forever DEL" Campaign

Forever DEL Campaign

Dear Parents/Guardians and Alumni:

The “Forever DEL” campaign is dedicated to serving both current and future generations of students of the school. There are many exciting opportunities for you and our extended community to participate in such an important campaign. I am hoping that you will strongly consider making a pledge or a donation to one or more of the following initiatives:

Your support has allowed us to refurbish our cafeteria, auditorium, and the playing field without placing the school in financial debt and ensuring that tuition levels remain constant.

This year as we observe a tuition increase of less than three per cent, I ask you to demonstrate your appreciation for the school's effort at responsible stewardship by considering a financial contribution.

If there is some worthy area to which you would like to donate that is not mentioned, please contact the Development Office of the College and share your ideas.

The mission and vision of our school community are extremely important in today’s world. A world that needs what we have to offer. Your financial support keeps our school vibrant and creative. I ask our constituents in whatever way possible to contribute from your goodness and concern for our greatest treasure - our young.

May the Good Lord bless your generosity.  Best wishes.

Yours respectfully,

Brother Domenic Viggiani, FSC