Oakleaves Capital Campaign

In September 2014, De La Salle College “Oaklands” launched the Oakleaves Campaign for Facility Enhancement consisting of three major stages of development: A FIFA-Approved Playing Field, a Cafeteria Renovation, and a Health & Wellness Facility. It is the hope that through this Campaign facilities will not only be improved, but that the learning experience for all students will be enhanced. The commitment of the College has been, and continues to be, to introduce changes that will improve the quality of student life for our young people while here at DEL, but more importantly to provide them with the kind of experience that will prepare them for their future as leaders in society and ambassadors of the Lasallian mission. Your support and generosity to this Capital Campaign will make a difference in assisting and affirming the unique mission of the College in providing a human and Christian education of excellence to our young people, now and in the future. As we all strive to build on the excellence of all programming at the College, these new facilities provide an exciting opportunity for the entire community to celebrate an extraordinary educational institution that has and continues to commit itself to our most precious gift, our young people. I ask each family and each alum to help us by making a contribution. I am especially hopeful that more recent alums, particularly those who were themselves beneficiaries of the financial support of the Brothers and other generous donors, will contribute and help us secure the future of the school. Finally, I ask you to include with your gift a commitment to keep the students and teachers in your prayers as we work together to create a truly Christian environment from which will come young men and women who will be true leaders of tomorrow and worthy ambassadors of the tradition of the college.

Brother Domenic Viggiani, fsc

Stage One: FIFA-Approved Playing Field -COMPLETE

The College occupies some of the most beautiful spaces in the City of Toronto. Its grounds and playing field are among its finest attributes. As part of the DEL’s facility renewal plan, a FIFA-approved playing field for the school’s many teams was installed in the summer of 2015. The new turf, one of the best ones used in Europe and North America, now provides DEL athletes with a longer playing season and is an important enhancement to the school’s commitment to physical education and fitness.

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Stage Two: Cafeteria Renovation -COMPLETE

The cafeteria at the College has always been a focal point for DEL students. A meeting place for students and staff, the cafeteria offers a great place to create and foster camaraderie and friendships. Many fond memories in the DEL cafeteria are recalled by former students. In order to meet the needs of today’s students, the cafeteria will undergo a major renovation in the summer of 2016. Same space, same memories, new look.

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Stage Three: Health & Wellness Facility

The College’s athletic program boasts a great heritage. Like the DEL Arena, the school’s original gymnasium has been home to many successful teams and memorable dances. DEL is committed to building a modern facility that will not only provide a more adequate space for teams and physical education classes, but will also serve to reinforce the school’s philosophy of ensuring that today’s youth recognize the importance of wellness in all aspects of their lives. It is the intention of the College to erect a new gymnasium within the next three to five years.

What we hope to build:

  • NCAA Gymnasium
  • Fitness Area
  • Yoga & Dance Studio
  • Weight Room

Cost: $12 million
Estimated Completion Date: September 2018


"I want to thank our donors who have given to the renovation of our cafeteria, as I meet my friends for lunch and socialize their each day." -De La Salle Student


"It is our pleasure to donate to Del. We will be making further donations in 2016 as well. We are very proud to be part of the school community and are so pleased to see our daughters working hard, being with terrific friends, and growing into positive, inspired young women." -De La Salle Parent


"I want to thank anyone who has contributed towards our new FIFA-Approved Field, I get to play on it with my school team and win championships." -De La Salle Student


"Del has always been part of my young and adult life, I made some great relationship at Del. The education I received helped me with my career, and a lot of my clients for my business were all contacts that I have met through Del". - De La Salle Alumni


"Thank you for providing a great environment in which the students can thrive. We are delighted to be part of the Del Community and be able to make a small contribution towards the mission of the school." -De La Salle Parent


"I want to thank De La Salle College for giving me a chance through the scholarship and bursary programmes to be part of a great school like this. Without the bursary I would not be able to attend this school, nor would I have the opportunities that it has granted me" -De La Salle Student

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