Annual Fund


The Annual Fund of the College is a yearly campaign to enlist the support of all the stakeholders of the De La Salle community. The entire DEL experience greatly depends in the availability of the financial resources raised as a result of the Annual Fund in order to enhance and sustain the school’s distinctive commitment to excellence and to assist with raising funds for scholarships and bursaries for deserving and qualified students from the GTA and beyond. Financial assistance is enhanced and becomes more solidly embedded as an indispensable and essential component of the very nature of the College and its commitment to Christian education of the young in an environment academic excellence, and other school-life opportunities which create and foster leadership development.

Funds raised help to support the school’s strong reputation of offering a rich and useful curriculum; building upon its tradition of extra-curricular activities of high calibre, and programs which focus and foster service to others, athletics, and arts and culture.

In addition, funds assist with the day-to-day operations but also strengthen the retention of committed staff, restraining tuition growth and maintain our beautiful and historic campus and buildings.

It is my sincere hope and expectation that all members of the De La Salle community will share in this responsibility, to whatever degree they are able, so that current students and future generations of young entrusted to our care at the College may enjoy and benefit from the Lasallian mission offered here in Toronto.

Brother Domenic Viggiani, fsc

Your Support Will:

  • Attract a very high academic student who will raise the bar for all students in their grade and contribute to student life
  • Help offset the day-to-day operating costs of the school
  • Continue to uphold a strong reputation of offering a rich and useful curriculum
  • Provide an education to students who otherwise could not afford coming to the school
  • Benefit generations of De La Salle students through the ongoing generosity of its donors to the Scholarship and Bursary Program

Scholarships and Bursaries

The Brother Michael Dillon, FSC, Bursary Fund

  • Full or partial tuition, renewable on an annual basis
  • This scholarship established through the generosity of an alumnus, Mr. T. Sutton, and supported by other donors, is awarded to deserving students entering Grades 9 to 12 who demonstrate excellence in mathematics and science

The Father Michael Luchka Memorial Scholarship

  • Full or partial tuition, renewable on an annual basis
  • This scholarship was established by the College in memory of the late Father M. Luchka to be awarded to deserving students entering at any grade level. It is intended to assist families who are unable to afford a private Catholic school education of excellence. Awards are given to those young people who demonstrate a willingness to involve themselves in community service projects. Proceeds from the annual Father Michael Luchka Golf Tournament are directed to this scholarship

The Superior General's Scholarship

  • Full tuition, renewble on an annual basis
  • This scholarship was established on the occasion of the visit of the former Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, the Most Honoured Brother Alvaro Rodriquez, FSC. The funds for this scholarship are made available by the Brothers of the Christian Schools of Ontario and are awarded to deserving students from local Catholic elementary schools

The Jonathan Herrmann Scholarship

  • Full tuition, renewable on an annual basis
  • Named in memory of the late Jonathan Herrmann, alumnus, this scholarship is awarded annually to a student from St. Paul's Catholic Elementary School. The award is given to a student who possesses the potential to demonstrate the qualities of courage and leadership so well exemplified in the brief life of Jonathan who passed away in 1998

The Warren Leonard Scholarship

  • Full tuition, renewable on an annual basis
  • This scholarship was established through the generosity of the late Mr. W. Leonard, an alumnus, to two deserving students from St. Mary's Elementary Catholic School who demonstrate the potential to excel in promoting the Gospel values in a Lasallian school community

The Frank Buckley Scholarship

  • Full or partial tuition, renewable on an annual basis
  • This award is presented to deserving students entering secondary school who demonstrate academic excellence. This fund is generously supported by the family of Frank Buckley, long-time supporters of the mission of De La Salle College

Brother Isidore Waslylenchuk FSC Scholarship

  • This scholarship has been generously sponsored by Brother Isidore Waslylenchuk, FSC, and is intended for a student at any grade level who is of Ukranian origin and is in need of financial assistance in order to attend the College. Each year a total of $5,000 will be distributed among the applicants. Current as well as new students are welcome to apply

The Malion Memorial Fund

  • This full scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to a student selected by the President of the College. The proceeds for this fund were generously donated by an alumnus, Mr. Karlo Duvnjak

The Irving Finewax Scholarship

  • Established in 2011, this scholarship is dedicated in the memory of the late Irving Finewax. It is a full scholarship awarded on an annual basis to a deserving student entering Grade 9 who is a member of another faith community. The student is selected by the President of the College

The President's Scholarship

  • This is a full scholarship established to acknowledge the work of Brother Domenic Viggiani, FSC, who was principal of the College for sixteen years. The scholarship is awarded to a student from the private Catholic school, Mary, Mother of God

The Erlinda Garcia Catre Scholarship

  • Donated by Nicanor Catre, an alumnus and long-standing member of the school’s Board of Directors, is awarded to a student who excels in a varsity sport and an artistic endeavour. One thousand dollars is awarded to the recipient

Tyler Barton Award

  • This award, donated through the generosity of Tyler Barton’s family, is dedicated in memory of Tyler Barton, a graduate (2001) of the College. The recipient, chosen by the President of the College must come from an economically challenged situation

Fabio Sementilli Memorial Scholarship

This partial scholarship was established through the generosity of the De La Salle Class of 1986 to remember their fallen classmate, Fabio Sementilli, whose bright & vivid flame was extinguished far too early. It is provided to an incoming economically-challenged student with artistic merit, with preference to students from the inner city.

The Lasallian Financial Assistance Programme

  • Partial bursaries
  • This fund supported by friends of the Catholic mission of the College is intended to provide aid to those families who require some assistance in meeting their financial commitments to the school. The primary source of the funds comes from the College's Annual Fund Campaigns

Graduation and Prize Night Awards

The Following scholarships are awarded at either graduation or Prize Day:
  • Paul De Francesca Law Award - $1000
  • Rocco & Barbara Martino Bursaries for Science - $500
  • Azarnoosh Sadeghi Bursary - $200
  • Jeremy Schillacci Scholarship - $1000


"I want to thank our donors who have given to the renovation of our cafeteria, as I meet my friends for lunch and socialize their each day." -De La Salle Student


"It is our pleasure to donate to Del. We will be making further donations in 2016 as well. We are very proud to be part of the school community and are so pleased to see our daughters working hard, being with terrific friends, and growing into positive, inspired young women." -De La Salle Parent


"I want to thank anyone who has contributed towards our new FIFA-Approved Field, I get to play on it with my school team and win championships." -De La Salle Student


"Del has always been part of my young and adult life, I made some great relationship at Del. The education I received helped me with my career, and a lot of my clients for my business were all contacts that I have met through Del". - De La Salle Alumni


"Thank you for providing a great environment in which the students can thrive. We are delighted to be part of the Del Community and be able to make a small contribution towards the mission of the school." -De La Salle Parent


"I want to thank De La Salle College for giving me a chance through the scholarship and bursary programmes to be part of a great school like this. Without the bursary I would not be able to attend this school, nor would I have the opportunities that it has granted me" -De La Salle Student