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Annual Fund


The Annual Fund of the College is a yearly campaign to enlist the support of all the stakeholders of the De La Salle community. The entire DEL experience greatly depends in the availability of the financial resources raised as a result of the Annual Fund in order to enhance and sustain the school’s distinctive commitment to excellence and to assist with raising funds for scholarships and bursaries for deserving and qualified students from the GTA and beyond. Financial assistance is enhanced and becomes more solidly embedded as an indispensable and essential component of the very nature of the College and its commitment to Christian education of the young in an environment academic excellence, and other school-life opportunities which create and foster leadership development.

Funds raised help to support the school’s strong reputation of offering a rich and useful curriculum; building upon its tradition of extra-curricular activities of high calibre, and programs which focus and foster service to others, athletics, and arts and culture.

In addition, funds assist with the day-to-day operations but also strengthen the retention of committed staff, restraining tuition growth and maintain our beautiful and historic campus and buildings.

It is my sincere hope and expectation that all members of the De La Salle community will share in this responsibility, to whatever degree they are able, so that current students and future generations of young entrusted to our care at the College may enjoy and benefit from the Lasallian mission offered here in Toronto.

Brother Domenic Viggiani, fsc

Your Support Will:

  • Attract a very high academic student who will raise the bar for all students in their grade and contribute to student life
  • Help offset the day-to-day operating costs of the school
  • Continue to uphold a strong reputation of offering a rich and useful curriculum
  • Provide an education to students who otherwise could not afford coming to the school
  • Benefit generations of De La Salle students through the ongoing generosity of its donors to the Scholarship and Bursary Program

Scholarships and Bursaries


"I want to thank our donors who have given to the renovation of our cafeteria, as I meet my friends for lunch and socialize their each day." -De La Salle Student


"It is our pleasure to donate to Del. We will be making further donations in 2016 as well. We are very proud to be part of the school community and are so pleased to see our daughters working hard, being with terrific friends, and growing into positive, inspired young women." -De La Salle Parent


"I want to thank anyone who has contributed towards our new FIFA-Approved Field, I get to play on it with my school team and win championships." -De La Salle Student


"Del has always been part of my young and adult life, I made some great relationship at Del. The education I received helped me with my career, and a lot of my clients for my business were all contacts that I have met through Del". - De La Salle Alumni


"Thank you for providing a great environment in which the students can thrive. We are delighted to be part of the Del Community and be able to make a small contribution towards the mission of the school." -De La Salle Parent


"I want to thank De La Salle College for giving me a chance through the scholarship and bursary programmes to be part of a great school like this. Without the bursary I would not be able to attend this school, nor would I have the opportunities that it has granted me" -De La Salle Student