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Dramatic Arts

Drama is an active approach to learning where participants identify with roles and situations in order to engage with, explore, and understand the world they live in. 

The study of drama and theatre provides the means not only to reconstruct the world as it is, but also to model the world as it could be.

Drama is a way of unlocking the ‘whole-person’ and developing physical, creative, imaginative and emotional responses in a variety of learning contexts


• Remembrance Day Ceremony  
• Passion Play/Stations of the Cross 
• Open House  • Second City Improv 
• Theatre De La Salle productions 
• Excursions to Stratford, Broadway

Program Objectives


Theatre De La Salle

First page of the PDF file: TheatreDLS2022

De La Salle College is an exciting venue to see live theatre.  During its 70-year history, Theatre De La Salle has staged 28 dramatic productions, 46 musicals, and four musical revue shows. At De La Salle, we understand that being involved in the theatre has very real and measurable educational benefits.  21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration are honed by the process of creating live theatre. Working on a theatre production from its inception to the final curtain improves learning skills that are necessary in higher education and in the workplace. The confidence gained from developing performing arts skills can be applied to school, career, and life!

For more information, visit our theatre here:

Theatre De La Salle