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Fine Arts


The Fine Arts Department at De La Salle College believes that academics and the arts are equally important to student development and achievement. We recognize that the fine arts are a vital component in the development of the whole child. We see every student as an emerging artist.

Fine arts education offers a unique learning opportunity to explore individual creativity, artistic self-expression, self-discipline, group dynamics, critical thinking, and cultural awareness.

Students of Visual Arts, Music, and Drama have opportunities to showcase their artistic talents throughout the school year. From playing the national anthem at morning assembly to a dramatic presentation during the Remembrance Day ceremony, from set design for the annual theatre productions to participation in local and international music festivals, students are given meaningful opportunities for artistic expression inside and outside the classroom. To that end, the campus offers a dedicated music hall, a 600-seat auditorium, and a visual arts wing in which our students can thrive. 

The year culminates with a week-long Arts Festival which showcases the many creative talents of our students.

A Del Fine Arts Student Will:

Program Highlights


• Remembrance Day Ceremony  
• Passion Play/Stations of the Cross 
• Open House 
• Second City Improv 
• Theatre De La Salle productions 
• Excursions to Stratford, Broadway

This year's theatre production:

Program Highlights

Visual and Media Arts

• Graduate Art Exhibition 
• AP Student Art Portfolio 
• Short Film Festival 
• Artist-In-Conversation series

Senior Art's Mural's: 

Program Highlights


• Annual Christmas and Spring concerts 
• Graduate Recital adjudicated by Dr. Cameron Walter, U of T Faculty of Music 
• Biannual Coffee House socials  
• Workshops with visiting clinicians and composers 
• DELIAC (Del Integrated Arts Camp)

Spring Senior Band Concert:

Highlights and Achievements

"As a child in elementary school, I recall coming to see the musical and drama productions put on by Theatre De La Salle back in the 80's. Dad was a teacher here, so seeing the annual shows became a tradition. Naturally, when I enrolled as a student here, I looked forward to getting involved. To my dismay, long-time Artistic Director Ben Cekuta took a leave of absence and TDLS's curtain came down and stayed down throughout my high school years. It seems fitting now that, as a teacher at the school, I am able to raise that curtain up and give our multi-talented students the opportunity to explore performing arts in a way I was never able to. Theatre is an incredibly powerful medium that builds confidence, reinforces social skills, and nurtures creativity in ways other subject areas don't. I am thrilled that our school supports arts education and feel very privileged to have been entrusted with the task of instilling a love of theatre in our students. " -Mr. Luchka, Gr. 7 English Teacher and Director of Theatre De La Salle