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Student Life

More than just a school

De La Salle College is committed to the Lasallian practice of educating the whole student: mentally, spiritually and physically. In order to do this, outside of the classroom, we focus on five major areas:

  • Our extensive co-curricular program
  • Service/Leadership
  • De La Salle House System
  • The school community
  • Student independence

By focusing on these five areas outside of the classroom, we believe it gives our students the best opportunity of becoming well-rounded individuals. It's extremely important for us to show the care and respect we have for our students by giving them an environment full of ways for them to grow and that includes beyond the classroom. 

“By the care you take of your students show that you have a real love for them.”

(Med 80.3—feast of St. Nicholas)
St. John Baptist De La Salle

Photos of Life at Del

There's a lot going on at Del! Thanks to this, we get a lot of great pictures of our students, staff and community. To view them, they're here:

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Sr Student Council

Created to serve as the official representative body of the student population, the Sr Student Council acts as the foundation of student life at Del.

Their purpose is to promote school spirit through meaningful activities whether they be intellectual, athletic, artistic, social, or spiritual. They will promote open communication between the student body and staff. The council will also encourage student participation in school life and participate in various outreach programme initiatives by overseeing, organizing and promoting The House System at De La Salle and school events. 

The council is chosen through a student election process at the end of the previous year. 

Our Co-Curricular Program

Here at Del we offer an extensive co-curricular program. Headed by Mr. Mason, it's scheduled in a way where students can join one club and one team in each of the three seasons throughout the year. For a better explanation of this program, check out these pages: 

Service and Leadership

The principal themes of Lasallian formation include community, commitment, charism, the founding story, spirituality, pedagogy, and mission. From webinars, spiritual retreats, and single and multi-day professional development workshops and programs, Lasallians are invited to learn more about the Lasallian educational mission, and deepen their role in it.

In keeping with the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle and in keeping with the school's philosophy, each student will be involved in community service programs. This service component will make up an essential element in every student's program of study.

De la salle college house system

The House System has become an important part of life at school, and we want to update you on the events and opportunities that students had to gain House points. 

When students enter the school, they are placed in one of the six Houses: Alfred, Gabriel, Arthur, Michael, Xavier, or Wilfrid. House points are given out for participation and ranked placement in House Events.

These points are accumulated throughout the year and go towards the House Cup, which is awarded to the House with the most points at the end of the year.

The members of the winning House have the most spirit and can proudly say they are in the best House!

How it works:

House leaders meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 am on campus. Here, they brainstorm ideas, and plan events and activities, collaborating with teacher moderators and leaders from other Houses. At the most recent meeting, each House proposed their own ideas for homeroom activities based on what was most popular amongst the other students. In homeroom, House Leaders lead students in various activities such as icebreakers and small games to help connect high school students in different grades. Throughout the year, they have participated in Shazam, a Halloween door decorating contest, a gingerbread house decorating contest, and a food drive. In addition, there have been two fitness challenges that students participated in, earning points individually for their House after completing the challenges. 
Additionally, students have the opportunity to gain House points in larger school events, such as Terry Fox Day, ShareLife Day, and monthly Fun Friday events. Points are awarded to the Houses with the most participation and for placement in these tournaments. 

Del Community

Student Independence

"From the first time we visited Del we knew it was a special School. The constant dedication from all of its staff as well as parental support makes Del unique. We feel honoured for being part of the Del family, and are most certain our son is not only receiving an extraordinary education but Del is also teaching him the life skills he needs to become a confident and responsible young adult." -Ana Beltran and Thomas Berger, Parents

"Outside the classroom provides even more experiences that enrich student life. One spring, the arts department was approached to paint a mural on a fence along a nearby church. In the end, a group of our Gr. 10 students dedicated themselves after school to this large and colourful project featuring Noah's Ark complete with animals. It still stands today as a testament to our students' dedication and creativity." -Mr. Lue Tam, Coordinator of the Arts Department