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Student Leadership

Leadership Opportunities

Here at De La Salle, a key aspect of our student's leadership work is done through extra-curricular clubs. As you'll see below, these clubs cover many different aspects of the Del community and even extend outside Del to our local and sometimes even international community. What unites them all despite the different things they look to achieve is a foundation of values and beliefs instilled in our students from the moment they step on campus. Student leadership is an integral part of what makes Del, Del and so it's something that's given the utmost priority and importance. 

Lasallian Student Leadership

Terry Fox Day 2022

Sharelife Day

Meagan's Hug School-WideHug 2023

St Francis Table 2023

Toiletry Drive

Meagan's Hug 2023

Associating with the Lasallian mission requires integration of the fundamental elements of the Lasallian charism in the personal, community, and professional life of a Lasallian student.

As a Catholic educational community, De La Salle College provides the time, setting, models, experiences, and reinforcements needed to help the student develop positive attitudes and perform positive deeds.