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2023-24 Del Co-Curricular Program


Welcome to our Co-Curricular home! This page will act as information hub for everything our families need to know with regards to our Co-Curricular program.

Co-Curriculars are an extremely important part of the Del experience for our students. We look forward to another great year! 

How to sign-up

Co-Curricular sign-up time is here! Students can sign up for one fall sport, one fall club, and multiple year-long clubs. 

Students can only play on one team, but if they are interested in two sports and not sure what the better fit would be, they are able to communicate with the coaches of the team that they did not sign up for and go to those tryouts as well.  It is important that all coaches are informed if they are going out for more than one team.   A list of coaches per team is located on the 2023-24 Co-Curricular home page.

Teacher moderators for clubs will reach out to those who signed up and give information for the meeting dates of the club. 

There will be an opportunity to sign up for winter season sports/clubs in November and spring season sports/clubs in April

How to sign-up:

  1. Students sign in to Power School
  2. On the left there's a button called forms
  3. Click on the forms button
  4. The Co-Curricular form will appear
  5. Fill in and submit

The form can only be submitted once and not changed. 

Sport and Club Coach List and Emails

Grade By Grade Breakdown

Below is a simplified explainer of what is available for our students depending on their grade. It's important to note that our program is broken into three seasons: fall, spring and winter. During each season, students are eligible to sign-up for up to one club and one team.

As for full year clubs, these work on a slightly different schedule. The commitment for each of these differs depending on the club. For questions about these, parents are encouraged to reach out to the lead teacher for clarification. 

Junior School

Senior School

What are we offering this year?