Year Representatives

As university, our careers and life take alumni in different directions and new communities, the Del community is one you will always be apart of and can be proud of.

With the aim to strengthen the alumni community, bringing with more people together and keeping the community connected is something we could use some support with. To bring alumni the news you want to read, and the events you want to attend, we'd like to be in touch and kept up-to-date with what's going on post Del. This is where Year Reps come into play.

Year Reps will act as an extension of the school, to help enhance communication and opportunities for alumni to reconnect. These individuals will help with:

  • Updating contact information
  • Informing individuals in their year about upcoming events
  • Helping the greater community stay up-to-date on the interesting things our alumni are up to

Year Reps will also help introduce new alumni programming in the future. As this is relatively new for De La Salle, we are currently in the midst of bringing on Year Reps. If you are interested in being a Year Rep for your graduating class, please contact Nick Cipriani at in the Advancement Office. Thank you for your help in strengthening the Del Alumni community, it would not be possible without your support.

Please feel free to reach out to your Year Reps at any time.


Class of '11 - Wyatt Cottingham

Class of '10 - Alexandra Szabo

Class of '09 - Julianne Villella

Class of '07 - Edward Aust / Kathleen Killin

Class of '06 - Kimberly Lynch

Class of '05 - Blaise Alleyne / Paige Donnelly

Class of '04 - Bobby Hatanaka / Miranda Callaghan

Class of '02 - Luana Harris

Class of '01 - Kevin Crigger

Class of '92 - John Navarrette

Class of '91 - David Byrne

Class of '89 - Jim Gardner

Class of '87 - Jason Van Dam / Attilio De Bartolo

Class of '86 - Nick Catre

Class of '81 -Mark Garron

Class of '71 - Les Bonnay / Ed Streich

Class of '67 - Les Szendrovits / Jim Blainey

Class of '66 - Tom Harasti

Class of '56 - Jack Ardis / Bob Giroux / Tom Gove / Bill Markle

Class of '55 - Richard Rusek / Joseph Calderone