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Madame’s 30 year journey--- Teaching French to Discovering the Footsteps of the Founder.

Ms. Lynda (Burlon) Di Prospero embarks on a heartfelt 30-kilometer journey to commemorate her 30-year career in education, weaving together personal reflections, gratitude, and a commitment to raising funds for bursaries and research in honor of the Meagan Bebenek foundation, inviting the support of the community she has cherished throughout her transformative tenure.

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A Christmas Message from Mr. Hunt

Mr. Hunt's Christmas Message: Shakespeare’s choice of 'naughty' in his timeless reflections allows us a broad interpretation, inviting gentle contemplation in a world sometimes unkind. As our Christmas greeting to the Del Community, this choice encourages tolerance and forgiveness, presenting opportunities for indulgence, reflection, and hopeful perspectives, much needed in our complex world

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Paragon | Interviews with Charities and Change-Makers

Learn about how Anthony Mastromarini (DEL 16) has successfully translated his experience in medical science and business to help emerging charities develop the tools they need to help others through the Paragon Podcast.

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A Calling to Serve

Hannah Beltran (DEL 18) had a tremendous impact during her time at the College as a leader amongst her peers. Now studying public policy, she seeks to pursue a career focusing on human rights seeking to serve others.

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Time Flies

I owe a lot of this growth to the people I met at the school. The faculty and student body are comprised of skilled athletes, public speakers, artists, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, classical thinkers, leaders, social advocates and more.

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Pasta it Forward

Pasta it Forward was created in my role as President of the Canadian Italian Heritage Foundation. Pasta it Forward was inspired by the random act of kindness one of my good friends told me about where she bought two trays of lasagna for a mom in need she read about.

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Masks and Me

What started as Easter gifts for her family, turned into so much more. See how Alessia is putting her sewing skills to the test and helping people protect themselves with her initiative.

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Mail for Heroes

It is without question that the frontline workers deserve praise and gratitude for their efforts and sacrifice.  See how Isabella, Sofia, and Mara have teamed up to show their support and appreciation for healthcare workers.

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