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Alumni Event Photo Galleries

Welcome to the event photo gallery page of the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development! Below you will find photos of all of our most recent events: 

Ladies Paint and Sip Night


For all you NY Times Connections aficionados, what do wine, brushes, February, and DEL have in common?  The answer is DEL Alumni's inaugural Paint and Sip Night held in the Heritage House on the evening of February 22nd.  Alumnae (from the classes of '02 through '21) gathered to enjoy each other's company, renew old friendships, catch up - all over beverages and a delectable assortment of goodies. 

I (recently retired) was on hand to lead water colour painting.  It didn't matter if you were an art or music student while at the College, everyone present was bound by the lived unique experience of what is DEL (Indeed the many years of faith and hard work have served these alumnae well in their university studies, careers, and young families today).  And here, in this relaxed but vibrant setting in the Brother Michael Room, each one produced a highly personal piece, with subjects ranging from abstraction to landscapes to pets.  Laughter, DEL memories, and fun constituted the real theme of the night.

Many thanks are extended to the DEL Alumni Affairs and Development team (Joe, Jamie, Thomas) and Filomena for welcoming us back wonderfully to our second home.  Depending on the year of graduation, some of the ladies had not spent much time in the Heritage House, and so they, in particular, enjoyed being there.  In the end, the Lasallian bonds are strong, and occasions like these go a long way to even strengthening them.  We look forward to more of these events.

Norman Lue Tam


1996-2006 Reunion

First page of the PDF file: invitewebsite


On November 23rd, 2023 the Alumni Affairs and Development Office hosted a reunion for all of the members of the graduating classes from 1996-2006. It was a great evening celebrating the original years following re-privatization. 

Thank you to all those who attended!

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: A DEL Networking Event Featuring Siobhan Lacey-Chow


On November 2nd, 2023 the Alumni Affairs and Development Office hosted their first networking event of the school year ‘The Entrepreneurial Spirit’ with guest speaker Siobhan Lacey-Chow (Class of 2002)!

Thank you to all those who attended and to Siobhan for sharing her inspiring story with us.


On June 22nd, 2023 the department was pleased to host our annual golf tournament! It was another successful day full of great golf, awesome weather and reconnection.  

Thank you to all those who attended!