Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main entry years for admissions?

Our main entry years are grades five, six, seven and nine. Applications are accepted for other grades but they will not be considered until current students have re-registered for the upcoming school year.

Is an interview required for applicants?

Students applying to De La Salle College are generally required to attend an interview. You will be contacted by the Admissions Office to arrange an interview for your child. Parents remain with their children during the interview session.

Are siblings and children of alumni given preference for admissions?

All student files are reviewed in the same fashion. However, if two students are equal in merit, the student with a former association with the school may be more readily accepted.

Will students applying to De La Salle have to write an entrance exam?

Students applying to grades 5 and 6 must write a school administered exam. Students applying to grades 7 and 9 must write the SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test). Please visit the SSAT website ( for test dates and registration information. De La Salle hosts a Standard Test in November; students are welcomed to write the SSAT at our school. Please ensure that your results are forwarded to De La Salle College, the school SSAT code is #2789.

Can students prepare for the SSAT?

The SSAT is not a test for which students must study a particular curriculum. Students may wish to visit the SSAT website at for sample test questions in order to familiarize themselves with the types of questions that will appear on the test.

When should the SSAT be written?

It is recommended that students write the SSAT by mid-January. Please keep in mind that test results are sent to the school approximately two weeks after the test has been written. Student files will not be reviewed for acceptance unless all requested documentation has been received by the College. Writing the test no later than mid-January will ensure that the test results are included in the child's file before assessment of admissions files begins.

Will De La Salle accept SSAT results from parents?

Test results must be forwarded directly from SSAT.

Are applicants required to submit a writing sample?

For students applying to off entry years (Grades 8 & 10-11), one writing sample is to be submitted as part of the admissions process. Writing samples can be short stories, essays, poetry, projects or book reports, and must be marked by the applicant's current teacher.
For students applying to Grades 5-7 & 9, a writing sample is not mandatory to complete the application process as they are built into the Entrance Exam and SSATs.

What is the average class size at De La Salle?

Class sizes for grades five to eight are approximately 20 students per class. The class sizes for grades nine and ten are approximately 22 students per class and the class sizes for grades eleven and twelve vary from 15 to 25 students per class.

Is financial assistance available?

Funds are available in the form of scholarships and bursaries based on need. All scholarships and bursaries are reviewed annually. Contact the Office of Admissions for more information, or download a Bursary and Scholarship Application Form here. Applications are due by January 31, 2019.

How and when will students be notified of acceptance?

Decisions regarding admissions are communicated to parents by telephone and email by the third week of February.

Are there any other fees that are not covered by the tuition?

The costs for textbooks, uniforms, instrumental music and visual art supplies are not included in the tuition. Parents and students are encouraged to participate in the used textbook sale organised by the De La Salle College Oaklands Shoppe, which is operated by members of the parental community.

Do you provide bus service to and from De La Salle?

Parents must make their own arrangements for transportation. Most students use public transit or have made arrangements to car pool with other parents. There are currently two buses arranged by parents in the Kleinburg and Woodbridge areas through T. Eids Transportation. They can be reached for more information at (416) 751-2414

Do you accept students who are not Catholic to your school?

We accept students of various religious backgrounds. However, all students will be given instruction in the Catholic faith in all its fullness and richness, regardless of religious affiliation or the situation of their parents/adoptive parents/legal guardians. It is understood that our school community exists to pass on the Catholic faith to Catholic students and to help them grow in holiness as disciples of Jesus Christ.