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Day in the Life

The best word to describe a day in the life of a De La Salle student is full! From the moment students arrive on campus until when they leave after school, they are constantly asked to give their best in a safe and inclusive environment. 

To understand how this best works, we thought we'd break it all down. So, here's a step-by-step explanation of what a student's day looks like here at Del!



Morning assembly is a unique aspect of the student experience at De La Salle.  Shortly after attendance is taken in homeroom, all students and teachers make their way to the auditorium for morning assembly. This happens each and every day of the school year. Morning assembly begins with the singing of O ‘Canada accompanied by the school band, all staff and students then listen to a reflection lead by a teacher, and it closes with the entire school community saying a prayer together. If there are any announcements, teachers do this live during morning assembly so that all student successes can be shared and congratulated with everyone present in the auditorium. Once morning assembly is finished, students return to class and begin their day.



Junior School (Grades 5-8)

For more information on our Junior School program, check out the Junior School Page:

Senior School Grades (9-12)

For more information on our Senior School program, check out the Senior School Page:



Just because a Del student's academic day is over doesn't necessarily mean their day involved at the school is. Here at Del we offer an extensive co-curricular program. 

This program can best be described by breaking it into two categories:

  • Athletics
  • Clubs

Headed by Mr. Mason, it's scheduled in a way where students can join one club and one team in each of the three seasons throughout the year. For a better explanation of this program, check out these pages: