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On behalf of the De La Salle College Community, we would like to thank you sincerely for considering our school for your son or daughter. With its rich history in the City of Toronto dating back to 1851, De La Salle has provided a human and Christian education to thousands of young men and women who continue to live out the school’s motto of “Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.”

Finding the proper fit for your child can be a rewarding, yet daunting task. We are here to help you make a well-informed decision; a decision which ensures your son or daughter can be a part of a compassionate and hard-working community committed to the service of others. We are proud of our dedicated staff, enthusiastic students and well-rounded alumni. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are here to assist you in any way we can.

Once again, we thank you for your interest in De La Salle College, and we look forward to meeting you.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our school, please email Please include the grade you are interested in. 

Thank you for your interest in De La Salle!

Why Del?

Our Mission:

In keeping with the tradition begun by St. John Baptist de La Salle, De La Salle College reaffirms the vision of Catholic education whereby dedicated teachers, in service to and in association with young men and women, may experience opportunities to grow spiritually, intellectually, artistically and physically, fostering Christian virtues and principles inspired by the worldwide Lasallian movement.

Our Faith

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Faith is an integral part of every aspect of the De La Salle experience. Saint De La Salle transformed education by forming a community of committed educators with whom he developed a spirituality of teaching and learning in order to give a human and Christian education to young people, especially the poor. With this in mind, we work every day to instill a value system to our students that remains as important as ever in modern society.

Our Academics

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We at Del pride ourselves on the lengths we'll go to give our students the best possible education. This is why we became the first and only school to run the flex-mod system in Canada, a revolutionary school scheduling format that prepares students for post-secondary education better than ever before. From the moment students can enter in grade 5 to the day they leave in grade 12, we work to maximize their academic potential. With our revitalized schedule, it's our belief we now do it better than ever before. 

Fine Arts

Fine arts have always been an integral part of the Del community. From one of our most prized clubs, Theatre De La Salle, to our exceptional music and art programs, the  fine arts are a key part of what we do here at De La Salle. Students who come here will have the opportunity to explore their artistic passions, whatever they may be!


Fostering the opportunity for our students to become well-rounded adults when they leave is something we take very seriously. Whether it be our high-quality athletic programs or our revamped club system, students at Del are given the chance to explore their passions on campus beyond a traditional classroom setting. Whether it be on our state-of-the-art athletic field or in a club like Debate, we take very seriously our co-curriculars and promote a culture of hard work and achievement.

"This school has enjoyed a remarkable academic reputation that has prepared young men and women for their futures. Discovering your gifts and talents is an exciting experience that is encouraged at our school."

- Brother Domenic - President of De La Salle College

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Fun Facts About Del

Our Admissions Team

Berta Carreco, M.Ed, OCT
Director of Admissions
416.969.8771 ext. 719

Christel Perez
Admissions Office
416.969.8771 ext. 718

Joseph Pupo
Admissions Office
416.969.8771 ext. 739

Upcoming Tour Dates

June 24
July 11
July 31

To sign-up, please contact Ms. Christel Perez ( or 416-969-8771 ext. 718)

Future Tour Dates

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Tour Questions?

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If you have any questions regarding tours, please contact the Office of Admissions at

Save the Dates

Late August
Applications available for
2024-25 online

Tuesday, October 17
DEL Open House

Saturday, October 14 - 1st date
Grade 7,8,9 - Entrance Exam

Middle of October
Weekly campus tours begin until March

Saturday, November 18- 2nd date
Grade 7,8,9 - Entrance Exam

Friday, November 17
Deadline for bursary applications

Friday, December 8
Final deadline to submit applications for 2024-2025 school year

Saturday, December 2- 3rd date
Grade 7,8,9 - Entrance Exam

Saturday, December 9
Grade 5 - Entrance Exam