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Student Services

The Student Services Department at De La Salle College is committed to ensuring all students receive adequate support in fulfilling the mission of the College by encouraging them to develop spiritually, intellectually, artistically and physically.

Counsellors in the Student Services Department work collaboratively with the administration, teachers, and parents to promote student success. They work with students in the classroom setting, small groups and individual meetings. The role of the counsellor varies depending on the age and needs of the student.

The ultimate goal of the Student Services Department is to provide support for academic development and help guide students through any social and emotional challenges that they may encounter. Counsellors ensure all students view the school as a safe and nurturing place to grow and thrive.


Please see below for a more detailed outline of the specific roles and responsibilities of the Student Services Office.

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Counsellors strive to do their best to establish rapport with the students with the goal of making them feel emotionally secure and assist them to make the best decisions relating to academic, social and personal situations. This begins during a student’s entry year, as counsellors help students through their transition by meeting with each individual. Counsellors present appropriate options and guide students toward a course of action which will enable them to move forward and handle future challenges.

Academic Support

De La Salle offers a number of programs and levels of academic support to all students enrolled at the College, beginning with annual meetings with all students. Academic support is designed to meet the individual needs of the student so that they can maximize their talents and achieve academic success. Students are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of a counsellor whenever they feel they are in need of some extra help.

University and Vocational Support

One of the most important responsibilities of the Student Services Department is to provide direction and guidance to students in choosing the best career path for life beyond De La Salle College. In collaboration with teachers and the administration, counsellors work to coordinate a comprehensive career development plan that is followed until graduation. The goal of the College is far more than just preparing the student for university. The ultimate goal is to create independent, critical thinkers who will go on to become valuable contributors to society while maintaining Christian values.

Administrative Duties

After a student is accepted into De La Salle College, the student’s file is transferred to the Student Services Department from the Admissions Office. All students and parents are encouraged to contact a member of the Student Services Department if they have any questions or concerns relating to a student. Likewise, any member of the Student Services Department will be able to direct the parent or student to the appropriate department that will address their concern.


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