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The Student Services Department at De La Salle College is committed to ensuring all students receive adequate support in fulfilling the mission of the College by encouraging them to develop spiritually, intellectually, artistically, and physically.

Counsellors in the Student Services Department work collaboratively with the administration, teachers, and parents to promote student success. They work with students in the classroom setting, small groups and individual meetings. The role of the counsellor varies depending on the age and needs of the student.

The ultimate goal of the Student Services Department at De La Salle College is to provide support for academic development and help guide students through any social and emotional challenges that they may encounter. Counsellors ensure all students view the school as a safe and nurturing place to grow and thrive.

Please see below for a more detailed outline of the specific roles and responsibilities of the Student Services Office.

Contact Student Services:

John Voutsinos, M.Ed, OCT
Director of Student Services
416-969-8771, ext. 272

Stephanie Turner, M.Ed
Student and Family Counsellor
ext. 297

Anne Hogan, OCT
Guidance Counsellor
ext. 278

David Stratton, M.S.Ed, OCT
Guidance Counsellor

Special Programming

Reach-Ahead Programme

At De La Salle College, students in Grades 5 to 8 participate in the “Reach Ahead” Program in the subject areas of Math and English. Having a solid foundation in the Junior School years, greatly influences success in the Senior School years. In the Grade 5 to 8 “Reach Ahead” Program, students are engaged in learning curriculum expectations which would be normally taught one year ahead of their registered Grade level. With respect to new students to the College, Teachers in the Junior School are aware that students enter the school with varying foundations in skills, particularly in Math and English. Therefore, the teachers use a variety of strategies and diagnostic assessments throughout the school year to better understand each learner and ease the transition.

Upon successful completion of the Grade 8 year, the subject Teacher, in consultation with the Principal and Student Services will make a recommendation for each student’s placement for the following year.

With respect to Mathematics, a student may be recommended for enrollment in either:
  • MPM1D (Grade 9 Mathematics) or MPM2D (Grade 10 Mathematics).
With respect to English, a student may be recommended for enrollment in either:
  • ENG1D (Grade 9 English) or ENG2D (Grade 10 English).

It is important to note that students who are recommended for MPM1D and/or ENG1D are given the opportunity to further develop their foundational skills to better ensure success in their Senior Years. For students who are recommended for MPM2D or ENG2D they will have more flexibility when choosing elective courses in their Senior Years.

Advanced Placement

As part of De La Salle’s commitment to a balanced liberal arts program, De La Salle College offers many College Board approved, Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Advanced Placement (AP) participation offers a unique learning experience with a connection to post-secondary success. The AP Program enriches and encourages critical thinking; promotes creative thought; and fine-tunes analytical skills while stretching students' reasoning ability.

Summer School

Competency, skill, self-discipline and work ethic are the foundational principles of De La Salle’s Summer School Program. The program seeks to assist our students in achieving their personal goals and maximize their own potential. The curriculum is meant to challenge, while offering integrity and accountability to students. Summer School is a wonderful opportunity to learn and broaden their experiences through the completion of a summer school credit. We endeavor to provide our students with an academic edge. Furthermore, De La Salle’s Summer School Program is balanced and offers continuity in order to successfully prepare them for their programming needs in September.

Roles & Responsibilities


Counsellors strive to do their best to establish rapport with the students with the goal of making them feel emotionally secure and assist them to make the best decisions relating to academic, social and personal situations. Counsellors present appropriate options and guide students toward a course of action which will enable them to move forward and handle future challenges.


Counsellors are available to offer academic counselling to all students at De La Salle. Depending on the needs of the student, a counsellor may recommend that the student join a specific program or attend extra tutoring sessions with their teachers. Whatever the concern may be, a counsellor will be able to provide the necessary direction to ensure that the individual academic needs of the students are met.


Growing up can be challenging for any young person, particularly in their preteen and adolescent years. Counsellors at De La Salle are available to provide support to students to assist them in maneuvering through the complexities of social experiences students may face. Counsellors provide students with the opportunity to speak openly and freely in a safe environment. Whether it’s an argument with a friend or a dispute with a teacher, a counsellor will provide assistance to the student and present various courses of action to allow them to develop the confidence they need to be able to handle the situation at hand.


Students who may be experiencing personal challenges in their lives are encouraged to speak with a counsellor. Regardless of the need, relating to family, lifestyle, values or future goals, counsellors will make the time to listen to the students and ensure they feel that they matter. Sometimes all it takes is for someone other than a friend or family member to show empathy for the student, and counsellors at De La Salle are readily available to provide this level of support.

Academic Support

De La Salle offers a number of programs and levels of academic support to all students enrolled at the College. Academic support is designed to meet the individual needs of the student so that they can maximize their talents and achieve academic success. Students are not limited to the programs listed below and are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of a counsellor whenever they feel they are in need of some extra help. Counsellors attempt to impress upon the students the importance of the connection between high school achievement and a successful career as recent research suggests that that the more students understand this connection, the more successful they are in school, university and eventually their chosen career.

Exam Preparation Sessions

Leading up to the Winter and Spring examination sessions, the Student Services department presents examination preparation sessions to students of all grades. Annual session topics include: How to Prepare and get Organized for Exams, Exam Tips and Strategies for Writing a Math Exam, Exam Tips and Strategies for Writing an English/Humanities Exam, and Exam Tips and Strategies for Answering Various Examination Type Questions, such as multiple choice, essay, fill in the blank, short answer, etc.

Monitoring Program

The principal(s) of the College may recommend students to participate in the monitoring program at De La Salle. Monitoring offers students an added level of support to assist them with the skills that are necessary to ensure academic success. Assisting students with organization and time management skills are key components of the monitoring program. The Student Services office oversees the implementation of this program.

Peer Tutoring

The Student Services Office offers the opportunity for students who may need some help in specific subject areas the chance to be paired up with older students who may have had similar challenges. By working together, it gives the student in need the confidence to know that others have gone through these problems and managed to overcome them. This is a valuable part of the maturation process.

Learning Skills Assistance

Students may need some extra support acquiring the essential learning skills that are necessary for student success. Key learning skills include working independently, working collaboratively, being organized, showing initiative and responsibility and the ability to self-regulate. The Student Services Office provides assistance in teaching these skills to ensure all students reach their full potential.


All teachers are regularly available after school, usually until at least 4:00 pm, to assist students in understanding information or concepts that may require further explanation. The Students Services Office can guide students to their teachers as information of dates and times of tutorials is relayed to all school counsellors.

Exceptional Circumstances

The Student Services Office ensures that all students with documented exceptionalities have the opportunity for an equitable education. Counsellors in the Student Services Office are often an intermediary between the student or parent and the teacher, to ensure all teachers have the necessary information to provide the appropriate level of support to their students. This support offered will ensure all students reach their full potential.

Program Planning (OSSD Requirements)

By the time a student completes grade 12, all Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements must be met. The Student Services Office tracks the progress of all students in the school to ensure that they are on track to meet all requirements. If students would like to know their credit counts or outstanding requirements, a school counsellor will be able to provide them with the necessary information.

Individual Student Meetings

All students in grades 9-12 have at least one annual meeting scheduled with a counsellor. The focus of the meeting is to ensure that the student is encouraged to explore various opportunities and to positively immerse themselves in school life.

University and Vocational Support

One of the most important responsibilities of the Student Services Office is to provide direction and guidance to students in choosing the best career path for life beyond De La Salle. In collaboration with teachers and the administration, counsellors work to coordinate a comprehensive career development plan that is followed until graduation.

In consultation with teachers and the administration, the Student Services Office develops individual student profiles for all students. All student profiles are individually reviewed by all stakeholders involved, and those profiles are used to assist the students in finding a program that is right for them. The goal of the College is far more than just preparing the student for university. The ultimate goal is to create independent, critical thinkers who will go on to become valuable contributors to society while maintaining Christian values.

Course Selection Meetings

As students prepare for registration day in February, the Student Services Office presents to students in each grade level the various course selection options they may have. Direction is provided to allow all students to select the appropriate courses that will ensure they are eligible for the post-secondary school programs they are interested in pursuing. OSSD requirements are also relayed to the students in these meetings. The Student Services Office will advise the student to expose themselves to a variety of academic opportunities that will assist them with their plan of pursing a successful career.

University Guidance

University guidance at De La Salle College begins the moment a student walks through the doors. Throughout their time at De La Salle, students are advised to choose courses that will challenge them beyond their comfort zones, including completing AP exams and filling their schedules with math, science, language and fine arts courses to ensure a balanced and well-rounded education. The hope is that students will find an interest in a certain discipline that they will continue to pursue beyond high school.

The university application process is a hands on approach at De La Salle, beginning with numerous counsellor and student meetings. Students complete and submit university applications with their counsellor to ensure the application is completed correctly. The Student Services Office provides all students with the necessary resources and direction so that the students can make an informed decision. All Student profiles are examined on an individual basis and counsellors encourage students to select a post-secondary program that is aligned with their talents and expectations.

University Supplemental Applications

Universities use supplemental applications along with academic records to help make admission decisions. Supplemental applications are an extremely important aspect of any university application. The main purpose of a supplemental application is to give the university a chance to get to know the student. Most schools are looking for strong leadership experiences, the development of time management skills, and a commitment to extra-curricular activities. The Student Services department strongly recommends all students bring in these applications to be looked over by a counsellor. Counsellors at De La Salle have extensive knowledge and experience in assisting students through this process and can offer tips and hints to students to ensure the information they provide is presented in a manner that will showcase their talents, abilities and accomplishments.

Post-Secondary Scholarship Information

Applying for post-secondary school scholarships require commitment and research. The Student Services Office provides students with the necessary resources and direction that will assist them through this research process. Counsellors encourage all students applying for scholarships to present any essays or forms in order to provide them with constructive feedback before they submit the final scholarship application package.

Resume and Interview Assistance

Students applying for jobs or internships are encouraged to see a counsellor to assist them with the creation of their resumes, or to help prepare them for an upcoming interview.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh program challenges students to develop themselves in the following four areas: Physical Recreation, Skills, Adventurous Journey and Community Service. Students who reach certain benchmarks are provided with awards that are designed in ascending standards of achievement; Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. This program provides the opportunity for students to advance their physical, mental and spiritual welfare. The Student Services Office oversees this program and any student interested in participating should see a counsellor to get started.

Administrative Duties

After a student is accepted into De La Salle, the student’s file is transferred to the Student Services Office from the Admissions Office. The Student Services Office makes sure that the appropriate steps are followed to register the student. All students and parents are encouraged to contact a member of the Student Services office if they have any questions or concerns relating to a student. Likewise, any member of the Student Services department will be able to direct the parent or student to the appropriate department that will address their concern.

Record Keeping (OSRs)

The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is the official record for a student in Ontario. All schools in Ontario are required to keep an OSR for each student. The OSR contains achievement results, credits earned, diploma requirements completed, and any other important information that is relevant to the education of the student. All OSRs are stored and maintained by Student Services Office.

Report Cards

Report card data is collected and mailed out by the Student Services department. For any questions relating to report cards, students and parents are encouraged to see a counsellor in the Student Services Office.

Exam Scheduling

The Student Services Office is responsible for the creation and implementation of all exam schedules at De La Salle. If students or parents have any questions or concerns relating to the exam schedule, they are encouraged to see a counsellor in the Student Services Office.

Ministry Reporting

The Ontario School Information System (OnSIS) collects student data from all schools across the province. This student data will be used for financial and statistical analysis as well as policy development to enhance evidence-informed decision-making at the Ministry and school levels. It is the responsibility of the Student Services Office to ensure this data is reported in a timely manner as requested by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Registration Day

Registration day takes place every year in February. Members of the Student Services department move from class to class to collect registration and course selection forms from all students. Registration day ensures the College is provided with data relevant to enrolment for the following academic year.

Advanced Placement Exams

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States and Canada, created by the College Board, which offers college/university-level curricula and examinations to high school students. Universities grant advanced placement and/or course credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations. The curriculum at De La Salle is considered to be at the AP level for all students. All AP exams are administered and organized by the Student Services Office.

Health Concerns

Students with new or ongoing health concerns should be in regular contact with the Student Services Office to ensure the school is aware of important information relating to the health and psychological well-being of a student. Counsellors regularly communicate with all teachers to ensure they have the information necessary to offer the students adequate support.

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