Special Programming

Reach-Ahead Programme

At De La Salle College, students in Grades 5 to 8 participate in the “Reach Ahead” Program in the subject areas of Math and English. Having a solid foundation in the Junior School years, greatly influences success in the Senior School years.

Advanced Placement

As part of De La Salle’s commitment to a balanced liberal arts program, the College offers many College Board approved, Advanced Placement (AP) courses. AP participation offers a unique learning experience with a connection to post-secondary success. The AP Program enriches and encourages critical thinking; promotes creative thought; and fine-tunes analytical skills while stretching students' reasoning ability.

Summer School

Competency, skill, self-discipline and work ethic are the foundational principles of De La Salle’s Summer School Program. The program seeks to assist our students in achieving their personal goals and maximize their own potential. The curriculum is meant to challenge, while offering integrity and accountability to students. Summer School is a wonderful opportunity to learn and broaden their experiences through the completion of a summer school credit. We endeavor to provide our students with an academic edge. Furthermore, De La Salle’s Summer School Program is balanced and offers continuity in order to successfully prepare them for their programming needs in September.

Class Mass and Retreats

School Chapel and Daily Class Mass
De La Salle is blessed with a beautiful chapel of its own. A positive way to start off the day is by visiting the chapel and spending some time in the presence of God and in reflection.

Prayer services are offered each day before the start of classes and daily mass is scheduled multiple times throughout the year for all homeroom classes.

Spiritual Grade Level Retreats
De La Salle Students attend a Retreat Day at least once a year where they have the opportunity to deepen their relationship with the Triune God and learn more about their own faith journey. Student retreats occur throughout the school year.

If you have any questions regarding De La Salle College's Special Programs, please contact the Student Services Department at studentservices@delasalle.ca