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Class of 2018

Hannah Beltran
Public Affairs & Policy Management - Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs, Carleton University

Years at Del: Grade 9-12
Special Programs: AP English Literature & Composition, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics
Extra-curriculars: Debate Society, DECA, Oak Leaves Newspaper -Senior Editor, Salesian Leadership Retreat, Link Crew, Student Executive -Community Council, Meagan’s Walk School Ambassador, Co-Founder of the Lasallian Youth Team, Lasallian Youth Assembly, Out of the Cold Program, Homework Club Tutoring
Scholarships: Carleton University Automatic Entrance Scholarship, Public Affairs & Policy Management Faculty Scholarship

Enter to Learn: De La Salle is known for surpassing the Ontario curriculum standards by challenging us with university-level content to ensure that we will not give up when we face difficult classes in the future; instead, we will take learning seriously and we will work with our peers to understand what is taught. Although this has prepared me for content-heavy course loads in university, I learned the most in classes where my teachers provided a multi-faceted foundation of ideas, which served as the base for my own thoughts. Through classes like Gr. 10 Moral Theology and Gr. 12 World Issues, teachers offered multiple sides to an issue which has shaped my personal perspective on several topics. Teachers never told us what to think; rather, they gave us information to support our own thoughts and opinions, no matter what they may be. Effectively, I have learned through Del to accept hard facts, but also to be inquisitive towards others’ perspectives, and be willing to defend my own inside a classroom, in the workforce, and even in a simple conversation. So while we enter Del to learn what is necessary for university and our future careers, we also learned a lot about ourselves along the way.

Leave to Serve: Del has shaped us beyond the capacity of being a proper student. In fact, its emphasis on service has prepared us to lead the world in societal change. I attended the Lasallian Youth Summer Assembly in 2016 to meet Lasallian students from Northeastern America and Rome, Italy and to complete community service in the roughest parts of Buffalo, New York. In this way, we brought a global community together and made a difference in people’s lives. Little did I know that this six-day trip would be such a defining experience in not only my high school career, but in my life. This inspired me and three other friends who went on the trip to found the Lasallian Youth Team, which emphasizes service within our school and our city, and around the world. Since then, we have grown our team of four to a Team of over 35 students across all grades who have helped out at school Masses, tutored local elementary school students, and fundraised thousands of dollars for and worked with well-known foundations such as Meagan’s Walk and the Angel Foundation for Learning, and also for a Lasallian school in Texas obliterated by Hurricane Harvey. This all began with just myself and a few of my peers who were inspired by the Lasallian call to service. In two short years, we have been able to help so many. Through this, I recognize that compassion, hard work, and resilience are all one requires to effect change. Without a doubt, I will continue to act and serve in university and through whatever career I may have in the future.

Important Lessons: Balance is key. It’s easy to fill your plate up with school work, extracurriculars, and outside of school commitments, but you should never forget that high school life is best shared with friends. Whether this be listening to music while studying and talking with friends, or going to Coffee House to watch your friends perform when you have a million other things to do on a Friday night. Take the time to look around you and appreciate who’s there.

Most Memorable Moment: Towards the end of Grade 11, I ran for Student Council President against three of my close friends. All four of us were dedicated and diligent, but we knew that at the end of the day, only one of us would be President. After we read our speeches in front of the entire student body, we walked up to the stage. Holding hands in an unbroken chain, we raised our arms, then subsequently bowed together. This reflected our mutual respect towards one another as equally deserving candidates. Moreover, it affirmed our acceptance of the decision the student body would make, regardless of the results, without a sense of animosity. In the past few years, I’ve had the honour to stand alongside amazing peers who are all capable of accomplishing greatness. But most importantly, Del students are supportive, humble, and gracious. The De La Salle experience is not only about the unique opportunities that the school offers, but rather, it is also about the amalgamation of extraordinary students who individually contribute to an enriched life at the College. The most memorable moment of my Del experience encapsulates this notion.

Diana Cancelliere
Integrated Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences -McMaster University

Years at Del: Grade 9-12
Special Programs: AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP English
Teams: Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball
Extra-curriculars: Del Wind Ensemble, DECA Business Club, Salesian Leadership Retreat, House League Soccer, Blood Donor, Eco-team, Piano Teacher
Scholarships: McMaster President’s Award ($2500)

Enter to Learn: After spending four years at Del, I can see how much I had to learn before entering this school. I came to Del because I was up for the challenge. Little did I know I would be learning in so many more respects than just academically. The lessons I learnt beyond the walls of the classroom will serve me well in life. I believe I have grown as a more generous, respectful, empathetic and well-composed individual thanks to my incredible teachers and St. Jean Baptiste De La Salle as role models. I hope that in my next chapter, I will not forget to embrace my inner Lasallian every opportunity that I get.

Leave to Serve: As I leave Del, I am scared to start over but I am also comfortable knowing that Del has prepared me well for this moment. I believe that it is our responsibility to continue sharing our gifts and talents with the world in true Lasallian nature. I will strive to give back and help others any chance that I get. I will also look to help others by pursuing biomedical engineering where the goal is to help those individuals who are sick. I am determined to make an impact on the lives of others.

Important Lessons: The most important lesson that Del has taught me is the importance of being a whole and well-rounded student. At Del, there are many opportunities made available to us that allow us to be the best versions of ourselves. There are countless sports teams and clubs for us to join. There are many chances for us to grow as Lasallians by volunteering and giving back to the community. We are challenged academically in our courses. We are able to partake in visual arts, music, or drama extracurriculars. Once you really get a taste of everything Del has to offer, it is easy to say that Del values all aspects of our growth into young adults. In university I will strive to remain well-rounded and involved in many different activities to continue learning life lessons and exploring what is out there for me.

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moments have to be the collection of memories I made while on the music trip attending the Heritage Festival in New York this year. This trip was the perfect culmination of our music career at Del. Not only did we have an amazing time bonding with our fellow band members while sightseeing, but we played our best yet. Mr. Shields pushed us hard throughout this final year full of obstacles and we had finally made it here. It was such a relief hearing the word “gold” come out of the presenter’s mouth during the awards ceremony. This trip and the Del music family will be remembered forever.

Jocelyn Chau
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry -Yale University

Years at Del: Grade 5 Survivor
Special Programs: AP English, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Calculus
Teams: Cross Country, Track and Field
Extra-curriculars: De La Salle Wind Ensemble, Math Peer Tutoring, Volunteering at Good Shepherd Ministries, Altar Serving, Track at University of Toronto Track Club, Piano Lessons
Scholarships: Yale Gift Aid, University of Toronto Scholar Award

Enter to Learn: “Enter to Learn” defines my experience at Del because through the academic rigours, I was pushed to “seek after the Truth” in many disciplines, not only by my teachers, but also by the dedication and intelligence of my peers. Especially in Mr. Hunt’s class, learning meant far more than acquiring knowledge. It meant developing a habit of mind capable of thinking with astuteness and standing by convictions. By making us aware of the decline of Western Civilization, he showed us the tools—reading profusely, working hard, and living morally—to resist this decline. Furthermore, Mr. Hunt and the school as a whole emphasized the importance of learning not only in an academic sense, but also in a moral sense. Next year, I hope to continue this “search after the Truth” by staying true to the intellectual and moral virtues cultivated here.

Leave to Serve: “Leave to Serve” defines my experience at Del because the central Faith of our community encourages us to serve each other with selflessness and kindness, and to reach out to serve those less fortunate. At Del, I felt this dedication to service most strongly during times of hardship or stress when teachers and fellow students would reach out with love and encouragement. To me, “Leave to serve” is a central message of not only our Catholic faith, but also our shared humanity. Service, thus, is a universal moral imperative. Next year, I hope to embody this motto by putting others before myself, and by engaging in some volunteer work with campus ministry. Although I am sad to be leaving Del, I am excited to apply the academic and moral lessons that I have learned at Del to the next stage of my life, specifically the lessons of self-sacrificial service, critical thinking, and hard work. In short, I look forward to sharing with others the fruits of a Lasallian education laboriously cultivated and harvested over these past 8 years.

Important Lessons: The most important lesson I learned at Del is to love God with all your heart and to love others as yourself. This lesson was taught not just by all our religion classes, service days, and class Masses, but also by the estimable examples of my teachers and the inspiring selflessness of my peers. I hope to embody this lesson in the next chapter of my life by treating those around me with the same love shown to me at Del.

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment at Del is the beginning of our opening school Mass this year. As I filed into the balcony with my fellow graduates and looked down into the sea of forest green, I was struck by the beauty of our Lasallian education. In that moment, it seemed that all the joys and labours of the past seven years were captured in that synoptic view of our school community. Indeed, Del’s unique sense of unity and belonging transcends all time. Moreover, I realized how fortunate I was to belong to a community that still reveres the Faith in an increasingly secular world. I had never understood Mr. Iacobazzi when he said, “Celebrating the Mass if the most important thing we do together at this school,” until that moment.

Lucus Dato
Business Administration -Schulich School of Business, York University

Years at Del: Grade 7-12
Teams: Grade 9 and 10 Basketball
Extra-curriculars: Link Crew, Oakleaves Writer, Lasallian Youth Team, Economics/Accounting Tutor
Scholarships: Automatic Entry Scholarship and Student Life Scholarship

Enter to Learn: When I first entered De La Salle, I was positively overwhelmed by the content and difficulty of the course load I was confronted with. Coming from a tiny catholic school in Richmond Hill, the welcoming atmosphere De La Salle encompassed caught me by surprise. While continuing my education at De La Salle, I continued to not only progress academically, but socially. Del does not only strive to create students equipped with all necessary qualities that classify a good student, but also equips every student with the necessary social skills to strive in every aspect of life. I can speak personally as I was extremely shy and unconfident when entering De La Salle. However, through immersing myself in the Lasallian life Del offers, I was able to grow as my person; therefore, becoming more confident and outgoing – always striving to step out of my comfort zone. The characteristics I’ve developed throughout my course at De La Salle will undoubtedly allow me to stand out in the next chapters of my life. To conclude, the College’s “Enter to Learn” motto is multifaceted, not only pertaining to academia, but social growth.

Leave to Serve: The second half of De La Salle’s motto, “Leave to Serve” is nothing less than the truth. De La Salle gives every student the opportunity to contribute and support communities that are less fortunate than our own. The service we are encouraged to do through our privatized curriculum allows room for growth and an increased awareness of the human experience. Service such as St. Francis Table and Out of the Cold gave me the experiences that were necessary to continue giving back to my community outside of De La Salle. Furthermore, serving will full-heartedly be part of my life, long after my time at De La Salle ceases to be. The “Leave to Serve” motto is testament of how De La Salle gives every student a full-circle understanding of what it means to be both a good student and citizen.

Important Lessons: The most important lesson I have learned through my duration at Del was the difficult truth that growth does not come easy. A person’s experiences and beliefs shape their character. In my opinion, major growth only occurs in periods of trials and tribulations. While De La Salle was undoubtedly the best experience of my life, I can safely profess that my time attending the school was not easy whatsoever. Furthermore, my growth as a person can be solely attributed to the amount of times I have achieved success through the necessary dedication and hard work needed. As the workload becomes more intense in university, I will use the time-management and workload tolerance I have learnt from my experience at Del.

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment at Del was my first day attending the school. When entering the school, I was afraid I wouldn’t make friends and I wouldn’t be accepted for who I am. However, I was wrong. When starting Del, the workload was hard, but finding a good group of friends was not. On my first day, I knew I made a decision that would grant me friends for life. I made friends with people that truly care for my well-being within and outside of the school walls. These are people I talk to everyday, affecting the person I am today. I would not be who I am if it wasn’t for the Del community.

Adriana Di Nunzio
Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies with AEO to Ivey Business School -University of Western Ontario

Years at Del: Grade 7-12
Special Programs: AP Calculus, Service Trip to India 
Teams: Cross Country, Swimming and Track and Field 
Extra-curriculars: Lifeguard, Camp Counselor, Lasallian Youth Team, Volunteer Tutor at Pathways to Education, House Captain, De La Salle Wind Ensemble, Athletic Council and Math Club
Scholarships: The Western Scholarship of Excellence ($2000.00)

Enter to Learn: Del has taught me that you must approach every situation, both in and out of the classroom, with a mind that is open to learning. This approach has helped me mature as a student and has brought to light all the important morals and values that the Lasallian community stands for such as, empathy, charity and humility. I will continue to embody this part of the school’s motto by seeking new learning opportunities and experiences.

Leave to Serve: The phrase “Leave to Serve” is one that is deeply embedded in every Del student and Lasallian. Del models the Lasallian commitment to service and charity through community events, service days and fundraisers throughout the year. Volunteering within my community has allowed me to provide service to those who need it most, while acquiring new life skills. It has also taught me the importance of compassion and understanding and has allowed me the opportunity to advocate for causes that I am passionate about, such as education. As I leave Del, I hope to continue embodying this motto by volunteering within my community at home and at university.

Important Lessons: The most important lesson Del has taught me is that there is no substitute for hard work and perseverance. At times Del’s standards felt impossible but looking back they forced me to be the best I could possibly be as a student and as a person. The rigorous academic environment has shaped me into a hardworking individual and has taught me to persevere when faced with obstacles.  

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment at Del was sleeping on the field with my entire graduating class. Spending a whole night sharing stories, playing games on the field and having karaoke battles in the auditorium was a perfect way to end our final year at the college.

Scott Fraser
Honours Management Engineering -University of Waterloo

Years at Del: Grade 8-12
Special Programs: AP Calculus
Teams: Soccer, Basketball and Baseball
Extra-curriculars: Co-Head of Athletic Council, House Captain, Swim Instructor and Lifeguard
Scholarship: University of Waterloo President’s Scholarship, Faculty of Engineering Entrance Scholarship

Enter to Learn: The knowledge that you gain from Del is important as it gives students an excellent academic education, but more importantly, students learn how to adapt to the everyday challenges they will face after Del. As the saying goes, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard,” which really sums up De La Salle to me. However, Del also gives you the foundation and necessary support with teachers and staff that will help you work through any challenges you will face.

Leave to Serve: For me, “Leave to Serve” means giving back to the community. Through the volunteer excursions to institutes such as St. Francis Table, you realize what really matters and how lucky we all are at Del. Volunteering has instilled in me the idea that no matter what I do, it is important to give back to those who need it more, and I will feel rewarded by doing so in my future.

Important Lessons: Probably the most valuable skill I will take away from Del is the importance of time management. With all the projects, tests, extra-curriculars, jobs, etc. happening at once, it is easy to feel swamped. However, by writing down everything I need to do and scheduling my time, I have come to realize that it is vital to prepare and not have all your plans running through your mind. Also, finding time for something you enjoy (for me, it is sports) and interacting with friends helps reduce the stress of being a Del student and allows you to live a balanced life.

Most Memorable Moment: Becoming CISAA Soccer Champions in Grade 10 is one experience I will never forget. We were playing a team that was undefeated all year, so we were all really nervous. We were tied but we scored a goal in the last minute to win 2-1. It showed me the importance in believing in each other and it created a bond between us that will never be broken.

Samuel Garcia-Feliz
Kinesiology -University of Toronto

Years at Del: Grade 9-12
Teams: Baseball, Basketball

Enter to Learn: After four years at the college, the phrase “Enter to Learn” has really defined the education I received. The teachers that I’ve encountered have really embodied the essence of this half of the school’s motto. Throughout these four years, they have pushed me in ways that I have never been pushed before both academically and intellectually; so much that, I feel like I have finally reached my full potential as a student. The teachers here at the college have taught me what it really means to be a student. Not only have they taught me to go beyond what I do and learn in the classroom, but to bring it to the real world where it actually matters; at the same time, they taught me lessons that transcend the school curriculum. I have learned about the important values and virtues that are needed to live a meaningful and successful life in the future. Now that I can reflect on my time of being at the school, I can only say that I am honoured to have been a student at De La Salle College.

Leave to Serve: Now that I am finally graduating from Del, “Leave to Serve” is the other half of the motto that will have an impact on how I will live life after my time at the College. Del has taught me the value and importance of giving back and serving the community whenever we get the chance to do so. In addition, the school has taught me what it looks like to serve the community with the multiple volunteer opportunities that I have been apart of during my four years at Del. The fact that every graduating class’ service hours exceeds the mandatory forty hours shows how much the school wants to instill that significant value of service towards any and every community that we encounter in life. Del has taught me that my future profession is more than just an income, it’s an opportunity to reach out and help the people who are in need of my service.

Important Lessons: The most important lesson that I have leaned at De La Salle is perseverance. Del taught me to always persevere not matter how many times I fail. With being a student, especially at Del, failure is something that cannot always be avoided, so it depends on what we do after that failure that determines who we really are, not only as a student, but as a person. Furthermore, I have learned to never shy away from the hard and challenging things that come in life, but to always attack it head on no matter how many times I would fail.

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment at Del has to have come from the Rome Summer school trip that I participated in July of 2017. The best part of that trip was the chance to be surrounded with the close friends that I have made over the years; as well as, having the chance to learn about the Roman culture. Experiencing their way of life was absolutely amazing. Being able to take part in the Rome Summer School trip makes this an experience from Del that I will never forget.   

Carmina Isidoro
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) -McMaster University

Years at Del: Grade 9-12
Teams: Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer
Extra-curriculars: Co-Founder and Co-Head of Lasallian Youth Team, Debating Society, De La Salle Wind Ensemble, Athletics Council, Competitive Rugby, A&W Crew Member
Scholarships: McMaster President’s Award

Enter to Learn: From the moment I stepped onto campus in grade 9, Del has strived to show that education is not a one-dimensional concept, but rather a kaleidoscopic field for growth - in academics and in the life lessons that no book can truly grasp. The words “Enter to Learn” laid the foundation for this mindset. Throughout my years here, I have faced my own fair share of challenges. Although I hadn’t realized it before, every one of these difficulties has taught me to be both a better student and a better person. Every poor mark has pushed me to persevere; every group project has improved my leadership skills and teamwork; and every taxing situation has allowed me to find joy in the simplest of things. As I take a step towards the next chapter of my life, I hope to remember the importance of education - that is, the value of learning within and beyond the walls of the classroom.

Leave to Serve: If Del has given me the tools for success, and the words “Enter to Learn” have laid the foundation to excel beyond the classroom, then the words “Leave to Serve” are the final touches to the house that I will strive to build to help every person I can. As students of the Lasallian pedagogy, we gear our education towards themes of faith, service, and community. Throughout my experience at Del, I have been fortunate enough to take part in numerous initiatives that have focused on one or more of the three. Now that my fellow graduates and I head towards the next milestone of our lives, we will continue the legacy of compassion, kindness, and charity of St. John Baptist De La Salle through our unwavering faith, continued service, and unbreakable sense of community. Whether serving others through volunteer work, because of a career or even a simple act of kindness, my experiences at Del have truly encouraged my desire to help others in any and every capacity I can.

Important Lessons: The most important lesson I’ve learned at Del is that the number on our report cards, while important, do not define who we are. Sometimes, too much value is placed on what grades we receive and not enough value is placed on why we are graded. The digits we see on the top of our test-paper are meant to push us to continue learning and to continue discovering what we have yet to discover. With this, I’m glad I’ll be going into university with the mindset to work hard, not just for my grades, but for myself and what I’d like to learn!

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment at Del was the moment I returned to school after my recent ACL reconstruction surgery last November. I had just spent the previous week at home. Though I was still experiencing pain and discomfort, I had set my mind to returning to class as I had already missed so much. Here I was, struggling to climb the stairs with my full-leg brace, crutches, and heavyweight backpack when dozens of students and teachers, most who I had never spoken to nor had been taught by, offered their help without hesitation. As I recovered throughout the next month, such situations were not uncommon. Whether they were a close friend or a total stranger, every person I crossed paths with was willing, not only to help, but ask me about my recovery and if they could do anything more than carry my bag. Though I had already known it for years, this moment and the many that followed showed me that the Del community wasn’t just a school, it was a family.

Reilly Kennedy
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) -Queen’s University

Years at Del: Grade 7-12
Special Programs: AP English
Teams: Hockey team (7-10), Track and Field (9 & 10)
Extra-curriculars: Student Council President, Philosophy Club, Salesian Leadership Retreat, Theatre De La Salle Volunteer

Enter to Learn: Moving to Canada a mere few weeks before I started at Del, my school was only one component of my life that was changing in a seemingly drastic fashion. My transition to becoming the proper Del student I am today was awkward and uncomfortable to say the least, but was perhaps exactly what I needed to learn and grow in to who I am today. Del offers so much more than a simple education, instead focusing on cultivating students’ character and virtues as well. This school creates well-rounded and remarkable individuals and, through the hardships, gifts us with lessons, friends and memories to last a lifetime.

Leave to Serve: Leaving Del is perhaps the most daunting task that I have ever faced before. After spending six of my most formative years in these halls, this school and the people within it are such an integral part of me that leaving it behind feels like leaving behind a part of myself. However, as evident by the latter half of our mantra, Leave to Serve, this progression in to university and the world beyond is the natural and necessary progression of my experience that began here. Del has given me the lessons and tools to make the most of not only my career but my life. As intimidating as they may be, the next chapters of my life will not be defined by my departure from Del but rather my entrance into the world, carrying with me the knowledge gained from this school, as well as the memories and experience that made it all so worthwhile.

Important Lessons: Of all the lessons and insights I gained during my time at this school, I believe none will benefit me more than the knowledge that my education is not something that ends with graduating high school or university, but that continues on throughout my entire life. Del has instilled within me an insatiable desire and need to improve and further not only my education but my knowledge and understanding of the world. Whether it was writing out the lines “I love learning” over and over again in Mr. Scharfe’s class or listening to Mr. Hunt repeat the fitting Einstein quote, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know,” somewhere along the way I came to the profound realization that by continuing to learn new things and expand my knowledge, these were the greatest ways to become the best version of myself and to leave the greatest impact in my life. While there is a certain part of me that would rejoice in being able to shut off my brain and call it a day, Del has taught me to always continue to strive to learn more and become the best “educated” version of myself.

Most Memorable Moment: One of the many memories at Del I will never forget happened at the end of Grade 11, finishing my fifth year as a Del student, when I was voted Student Council President by my peers. Giving my first speech to the student body was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my school career, but the resulting experience is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. I will always look back at my time on Student Council with a great sense of pride and humility, and I would like to thank all the students and teachers, in particular my trusted partner and successor, Aliki, for the amazing year.

Dylan Lamaca
Business Management and Organizational Studies -Huron University College, University of Western Ontario

Years at Del: Grade 6-12
Teams: Track and Field, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby
Extra-curriculars: University of Toronto Track Club High Performance Hurdler, Volunteer Martial Arts Instructor, De La Salle House Leader, Athletic Council
Scholarships: Automatic Entrance Scholarship

Enter to Learn: Del has always had a special place in my family’s heart, long before I donned the red tie and green blazer. My uncle graduated here in 1987, and my dad in 1989. When I came to Del in grade 6, I was eager not only to walk in their footsteps, but to also create my own memories and experiences. I saw how much of a profound impact Del had on them and seeing how it made them successful in several aspects of their lives was something I wished to emulate. “Enter to Learn” signifies how special Del really is. Every student is here for a reason. The teachers and faculty help cultivate the message that regardless of whether you succeed or fail, you learn something. This motivated me to try new things within the Del community because I knew I was gaining an experience I could apply to another part of my life. The strong support system at Del allows for everyone’s ideas and passions to come forth, creating an environment where everyone strives to embody the message that has been established in the Lasallian community since the beginning.

Leave to Serve: After having been a part of the Lasallian community for seven years, it will be tough to say goodbye to the place that has brought me such fond memories. However, I know that my connection to Del does not stop here. No matter how old or experienced you are, there is always something to be learned. Community involvement and serving others is an integral part of the Lasallian message, it is what makes us special. However, it never felt like a chore. Through the numerous charities sponsored and initiatives we created, it was a great opportunity to really put our message into action. It really brought together the religious fundamentals and the familial atmosphere that makes Del so unique. I hope to continue to help my community as much as I can next year. It is one of the ways that I will keep Del close to my heart as I look to create new memories in university.

Important Lessons: Do not forget to enjoy the little things. It’s easy to get caught up in all the work that Del puts us through, as there are times where it seems overwhelming and strenuous. There were several times in my final year where I would take the time to just relive some of the best memories and times spent at Del over the past seven years. It made me realize that Del’s student body really is like a close family, a unique attribute that not many other schools share. I really appreciated everything Del put me through, because my time here improved so many aspects of my life. Whether it was filling my workload to prepare me for the real world, teaching me to give back to my local community, or reminding me to always be the best version of myself, it was all worth it. I encourage all students to not take your time at Del for granted. It goes by faster than you think!

Most Memorable Moment: I know it sounds cliché, but the moment that stands out the most to me was my first day at Del. I remember my first time driving into the campus like it was yesterday. I walked up the steps with my tie done up all the way, blazer buttoned, wheelie bag in tow to my homeroom class. It was Ms. Wunder’s grade 6B class in the Del Centre. I was relieved to see I wasn’t the only one who looked lost as I entered the room. As I sat down in my seat, with my own personalized name tag that read “Welcome, Dylan Lamaca” I knew I was right at home. Little did I know that Del would truly be my second home. It took a little bit of time to get used to the uniform, but now I cannot see myself without it. My time at Del was seven years long, but it went by so fast. I would not trade it for anything, and it all started when I entered that classroom. 

Lilianna Scanga
Media, Information, and Technoculture -Western University

Years at Del: Grade 9-12
Teams: Field Hockey Team (grade 10-12)
Extra-curricular: Lasallian Youth Team member, Salesian Leadership Retreat, Crew Member for Theatre De La Salle (three years), Link Crew Leader, Competitive Rock Climbing (six years), South Africa Trip, Toronto Children’s Aid Society Volunteer (10 years)

Enter to Learn: Although De La Salle prides itself on its academic experience, the school does not just provide academics to the students in the form of lectures. When I first entered the College, I thought that I was going to get an education through a strict schedule full of lectures by unapproachable teachers. Although structure is part of the learning at De La Salle, that is not the only way learning is approached. In my last year at the College, I got the opportunity to go to South Africa put on by the Biology department. This is one of the many examples of the unique learning experiences offered by De La Salle. While I was in South Africa, I was able to learn more about the diverse species that lived in Krueger National Park through lectures as well as fieldwork. As well, we had the opportunity to not only study terrestrial animals but also aquatic life when we went scuba diving. This unique opportunity, I believe, is an example of entering to learn as not only are we learning about the curriculum provided by the government but also going beyond that and teaching with passion and through experiences.

Leave to Serve: No matter what subject we were learning, the motto, “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve” was an underlying message. An example of this was in Civics and Careers; each student was paired up with a charity of their choice. Each pair was tasked with coming up with a presentation for why their organization deserved a donation from TD Bank. For our research we met with the staff, volunteers and even some of the people that used the services of the charity. We learned what an important role it provided in the lives of the people that were served. We then presented to the class and later the school. The charity we chose ended up winning and we got to see firsthand how the donation would be used. As a result of our interaction with the charity, we were invited to join their team in a local fun run.  My partner and I not only were able to learn how to campaign for a charity and present in a professional manner, but we also got our first hands on experience of the motto, “Leave to Serve.”

Important Lessons: The most important thing I learned at De la Salle is time management. I believe that the non-semestered course load at De La Salle is a much more desirable time table. It not only ensures that the students don’t forget course material after the semester is over but also teaches students about time management. I was able to learn how to manage my course work in a way that created a less stressful environment. This is important for my continued studies because I am going to be tasked with completing more course work that is more important to my overall success in life. Throughout my four years of high school, I had to time manage my homework with my competitive rock climbing schedule. I not only had to learn to plan ahead, but also had to learn how to manage my time since I was working out and competing over nine hours a week. This life skill learned in high school will not only help me in university but also in my future career.

Most Memorable Moment: I think my most memorable moments came from being on the Varsity Girls Field Hockey Team. I joined the team in Grade 10, which looking back I wish I had joined sooner. I had never played Field Hockey before, but thought it would be a great way to meet some new people. I remember making it onto the team and being so excited, I couldn’t believe it. Throughout that season, I would go home and practice for hours trying to get better. I even decided to join a league outside of school in order to get better at the sport. I truly was able to find a sport I was passionate about. Not only did I enjoy the sport but I loved the team aspect. I found a supportive group of girls who I was able to call my family. We bonded over a broken-down bus and our terrible singing to Justin Bieber on the long road trips. But looking back, I have nothing but great memories of the team on and off the field. I think that what really surprised me about the field hockey team were the coaches. Throughout the years, our coaches changed but they were all unified by one underlying attribute. All the coaches had a strong sense of dedication to the team. Whether it would be the early morning practices in the pitch black or the after school practices in the heat, they always came with a positive attitude and ready to give one-hundred percent to the team.

John Volpatti
Engineering, TrackOne, Undeclared -University of Toronto

Years at Del: Grade 7-12
Special Programs: AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus
Teams: Soccer, Alpine Racing, Baseball
Extra-curriculars: Link Crew Leader, House Captain, Vice-President of DECA.
Scholarships: Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Admission Scholarship

Enter to Learn: Del has taught me to learn. My teachers and the community have motivated me to pursue knowledge inside and outside of the classroom. It was through my journey at Del that I started reading more books and newspapers, listening to podcasts and understanding the material as opposed to just memorizing it. That’s what I love about this school; it makes you want to become a complete, eloquent and informed individual. I’m certain this mentality will help for university and beyond.

Leave to Serve: “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve” is our motto. My interpretation is that using what I learned from my experience at Del, I can serve others with these lessons in mind. Some of the less formal lessons I learned were through the accumulated hours of detention and talks with teachers. I began to realize that they were not trying to break my spirit, but to guide me to becoming a more open, agreeable and confident young man. I hope to serve with these traits and others next year and in the years to come.

Important Lessons: One of the most important lessons I have learned at Del is to be proactive and to show initiative. Completing an assignment the day before it’s due, informing my coach that I could not make a game or practice last minute and so on has made me learn to start a task early. This lesson helps me fight procrastination, develop assertiveness and manage time effectively.

Most Memorable Moment: Every year, Del raises funds that go towards another Lasallian school in Naka, Nigeria. Each class must dedicate itself to one activity or service that can generate money to go to the school. During this fundraiser in 2012, I stumbled across a classroom with multiple balloons of different sizes taped to the wall. My little Grade 7 eyes lit up and I gave $5 for three darts with no idea which balloon was worth what. With a bag of candy in my left hand, I launched all three darts randomly from a distance of around 10 feet away. It turns out I hit the balloons worth the most points, and my prize: a blackberry (remember those?). This was the first phone I had ever gotten.

Zofia Washington
Honours Life Sciences Psychology -University of Waterloo

Years at Del: Grade 6-12
Special Programs: AP English
Teams: Senior Girls Badminton
Extra-curriculars: Oak Leaves Senior Editor, Eco Team
Scholarships: President’s Scholarship

Enter to Learn: “Enter to Learn” embodies the way that I approached every day at De La Salle, and the way that I plan to approach every challenge that I face in the future. With every obstacle that I encountered, I reminded myself that, above all, I was at this school to learn. Keeping that in mind, all challenges became valuable learning tools, instead of trying stressors. I plan on taking this mindset with me and applying it to all aspects of my life. A hindrance is nothing more than an opportunity to learn.

Leave to Serve: “Leave to Serve” embodies the empathy, generosity, and charity that De La Salle has instilled in me. With these appreciations and compassions, I will go out and use my talents and abilities to help and serve others whenever I can. De La Salle has taught me that I have an obligation to my community. It is my responsibility to best utilize my strengths to care for others, especially the less fortunate, in my community and around the world.

Important Lessons: The most important lessons I learned at Del are dedication and determination. By choosing my school, my courses, and my extracurricular activities, I made commitments. Throughout the years, I encountered many difficulties that tempted me to quit, but I never did.  Instead I dedicated myself to each task and persevered through all obstacles, and emerged a better, stronger person. Life is often difficult, especially at a school that pushes you the way Del does, but I learned that, as long as I dedicate myself to tasks and have the determination to carry them out, I can get through anything and accomplish assignments that once seemed impossible.

Most Memorable Moment: I have had so many incredible moments at Del that it is impossible to pick the most memorable one. To narrow it down, I had my best memories from spending time with my peers in Grade 12. By then, we had all be through so much together, and there was a special bond that I have never experienced with another group of people. It was amazing to see the way these strong, well-rounded, and incredibly kind-hearted people had grown up. I will never forget laughing with friends during spare, goofing around during the Grade 12 Sleep on the Field night, and all the other Grade 12 bonding moments that will stay with me forever.